Nuisance or suspicious calls and texts

Nuisance calls and texts are disruptive and frustrating. That’s why we closely monitor our network and try to block this kind of activity at its source.

But sometimes they can still make their way through to you - here are some things you can do to help stop them.

Find out how to block a phone number

What to do with...

If you’ve received a text message or call from your bank that you think might be a scam, you can check if the number is genuine by calling 159.

This secure, national hotline has been set up by Stop Scams UK and lets you speak directly to your bank.

Calls to 159 are charged based on your mobile plan allowance. Check your plan by choosing Plan Details in My Vodafone. 

Update your Vodafone marketing preferences

Change your Vodafone marketing preferences at any time.

Register with the TPS

Register with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) to opt out of unwanted sales and marketing calls.

Report a call to us

Some companies won’t check with the TPS before making sales and marketing calls. Help us catch these companies by reporting numbers that are causing you a nuisance:

  • Text CALL free to 7726

  • Then we’ll ask you to send the phone number you want to report 

If you’re getting missed calls from international numbers, this could be a type of fraud called Wangiri

Don't call back. Instead, just text CALL to 7726, free from your Vodafone mobile.

If you’ve already called a Wangiri number back, don't worry, we refund the charges automatically.

Our Nuisance Call Bureau can give you advice about harassing or abusive calls and create a case file to start a criminal investigation. You’ll need to give them details of at least three abusive or harassing calls.

To contact them:

  1. Download our nuisance call log form and log the details of each call

  2. Download our data disclosure form to give us permission to share details about your account with law enforcement agencies

  3. Email your completed forms to

You can also post them to Vodafone HQ, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

Most premium rate services will let you text STOP to prevent any further charges to your account.

Check with the service for the right number to text, or if there’s a different way to stop the charges.

You can also turn on your Premium Rate bar to stop these kinds of texts. 

Spam texts are messages you haven’t signed up to receive and they’re usually delivered from unknown senders.

If you don’t recognise the number, don’t reply.

If you’re getting spam texts from a short code (four or five digit numbers) reply STOP – legitimate organisations will stop texting you.

What to do if you get spam texts

  1. Forward the texts to our free spam text reporting service on 7726

  2. On Android devices, you can tap the Report Spam button in the messaging app.

  3. If you think they’re breaching your data privacy rights, report them to the Information Commissioner’s Office

What to do about specific types of spam text messages

If you’re getting unwanted calls to your Vodafone landline, we can help you set up:

  • Anonymous caller rejection – helps stop incoming calls from withheld numbers, but not unknown or masked numbers.

  • Caller display – shows you the caller’s number, if it’s not a withheld, unknown or masked number. This gives you an idea of who’s calling, and helps you decide whether you want to answer.

To set these up, call:

  • 191 free on a Vodafone mobile

  • 0333 3040 191 from any other UK mobile or landline (standard charges apply)

We’re available Mon – Sun: 8am - 8pm