Payment card security

Keeping your payment card details safe

We’re committed to protecting your debit or credit card details so you can be confident when buying from us.

We’ll always:

  • Make sure that your card details are securely processed on our systems

  • Let you register your card details with us so you can make future payments faster and more conveniently

  • Show only part of your card number when you choose to make a payment with a registered card

  • Ask you to use the chip and PIN card reader when you pay for something in one of our stores

We’ll never:

  • Ask you to send your payment card details to us by email or Live Chat

  • Ask you to tell us what the PIN is for your payment card

  • Share your payment details with any of our suppliers, other than those directly involved in securely processing payments

If you think you might have received a phishing email posing as a message from us, please read our advice