News | 23 Nov 2022

Businesses, do you know where your phones are?

From saving valuable capital expenditure with flexible leasing to reusing and recycling older phones for greater sustainability, Device Lifecycle Management takes care of every single smartphone in your business.

As much as 30% of enterprise IT hardware may be missing, lost or going unused, according to an estimate from research consultancy Gartner.

This startling information was revealed onstage as Vodafone introduced over a dozen UK businesses to its Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) Mobile service. The event took place in King’s Cross, London.

Traditionally, businesses would purchase thousands of devices upfront using valuable budget and then dedicate significant IT personnel time in keeping track of, repairing, and eventually disposing of thousands of devices.

Vodafone DLM is a cradle-to-grave service for businesses that takes care of all of this. Its flexible leasing of devices frees up budget for other purposes. Vodafone then takes care of initial device configuration, device tracking, repairs and replacements – ensuring minimal down time – and other time-consuming logistical processes.

The service includes securely wiping returned devices and then, depending on customer needs, ensuring they are reissued to other employees or – if they have reached the end of their useful working lives – refurbished and resold, or safely recycled.

All this helps a business minimise both wastage and e-waste.

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The ‘circular economy’ is one of the latest green catchphrases, but what exactly is it and is it achievable?

Vodafone DLM can be customised to suit a customer’s needs. For example, existing fleets of phones can be onboarded and managed by Vodafone. Customers can also reserve certain high-value tasks for themselves, such as securing and managing access to corporate data.

Ceri Tinine, Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone Business, said: “Two-thirds of businesses are achieving at least 25% savings. That’s from an IDC survey from 2021 across the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, and we did not commission it! That same survey showed that a third of businesses also ranked IT efficiency as a top benefit with savings both in terms of time and resource.”

To find out more about Vodafone’s Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) Mobile service, visit the Vodafone website or contact your Account Manager.

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