News | 01 Apr 2022

Could you be eligible for a priority fault repair?

Vodafone believes everyone has the right to be connected, and that connectivity is particularly important for vulnerable customers.

As COVID-19 has shown, connectivity underpins the day-to-day lives of most people across the UK. So Vodafone offers special help for customers in this category.

People with disabilities or long-term chronic health issues, for example, might be eligible for the company’s priority fault repair scheme. Customers who rely on their phone or broadband for medical reasons may qualify for the priority repairs of any faults they report.

If you think this could be you, or know someone this may apply to, give Vodafone’s Accessibility Team a call on 0333 304 3222 free from a Vodafone mobile (standard call charges apply from other mobiles or landlines), or ask about priority fault repair when contacting Vodafone’s customer care team.

With the customer’s consent, agents will place a vulnerable customer “flag” on the account to make sure that person’s specific needs are taken care of throughout their time with Vodafone.

Once signed up, eligible vulnerable customers can contact Vodafone on any channel whenever they need to ask for priority on repairs.

Vodafone signs up to Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme

Vodafone UK has signed up to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme supporting people with disabilities that may not be so obvious to the casual observer.

Vodafone also ensures that protection and safeguarding of vulnerable customers is embedded in all customer care training and processes. And all agents are put through rigorous and continuous learning on vulnerability.

In addition, the company’s back-end systems and assurance processes are designed to ensure that those with the greatest need are serviced appropriately and consistently.

Priority fault repair is just one of the ways Vodafone is looking out for vulnerable customers. The company is also striving hard to improve accessibility and ensure all its customer information is as easy to understand as possible.

How Vodafone is improving accessibility and fairness for customers

Vodafone is introducing a number of changes to make the way it communicates with customers fairer and more accessible.

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