News | 22 Sep 2020

Painting the town red. Digitally.

Vodafone UK has achieved a UK out-of-home digital advertising first that celebrates the network provider being named best operator for 5G in London.

If you’re in London over the next week or so you may catch a glimpse of several Routemaster buses travelling through the capital swathed in red Vodafone advertising saying: ‘London’s Best 5G’.

And you might notice something else: digital advertising hoardings showing the same ad campaign as the buses pass by some of London’s most famous streets and locations, such as the IMAX cinema and Piccadilly Circus.

Newly-developed technology, called Digital Roadblocks, detects when buses are within two minutes of a bus stop and triggers the advertising display to change to the Vodafone ad campaign across every digital screen within a 200-metre radius.

The tech uses Transport for London’s (TFL) GPS data that tracks where buses are and how long they will take to reach each stop. So the smart advertising boards always know when the bus is two minutes away.

London Routemaster bus with Vodafone 'London's Best 5G' advertising and digital billboard
The digital displays show the Vodafone ad for three minutes uninterrupted

The new campaign features on digital street hub screens on walkways and converted telephone boxes, as well as advertising screens throughout the capital – including 48-sheet and 96-sheet digital billboards.

Once the screens have switched to Vodafone’s new 5G advertising, the ad is displayed continuously for three minutes. Ogilvy created the campaign, while Carat and Posterscope bought the space on Global Media roadside sites.

If you’re interested in seeing this new tech in action, it features on the following five London bus routes:

  • Bus 1: – Route 254;
  • Bus 2: – Route 24, 27, 159;
  • Bus 3: – Route 67, 73, 253;
  • Bus 4: – Route 11, 87;
  • Bus 5: – Route 19, 149.

The campaign, which celebrates Vodafone being awarded ‘best 5G in London’ by network testing company, umlaut (formerly P3) in an independent survey, runs until Sunday 27 September on 80 screens across London.

Vodafone was named number one for Youtube streaming, web browsing and download speeds in the survey.

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