News | 11 Jan 2021

Stephen Mangan’s dry humour connects businesses with Vodafone IoT

The comic actor uses cheesy dad humour to bring the benefits of Internet of Things technology to life in this new Vodafone Business ad campaign.

Actor and comedian Stephen Mangan, best known for his roles in TV comedies such as Episodes and Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years, is the face of Vodafone UK’s ‘Let’s Talk IoT’ campaign.

IoT, or The Internet of Things, could be seen as a dry subject, so it’s only fitting that Mangan uses his trademark style of dry, wry humour to introduce businesses to IoT’s benefits.

In one part of the launch video for the campaign, Mangan talks to a computer server explaining that an adjacent air conditioning unit is “really cool – you should chat!” Behind the groan-inducing pun is the fact that IoT-connected ventilation, heating and lighting systems can help businesses slash their energy bills and carbon footprints.

If nothing else, Mangan’s wonderfully louche scarlet suit is worth gazing upon.

The ‘Let’s Talk IoT’ print and online campaign, created by Ogilvy London, supports the launch of Vodafone UK’s new range of IoT services. Powered by IoT.nxt, the new range makes IoT accessible to any business, offering comprehensive solutions that can be customised to their needs.

Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK, said: “Our new campaign sets out to educate, inspire and support the business community who are so vital to the UK economy.

“With this campaign we want to take away complexity, and help businesses see that technology can be simple to deploy, simple to manage, and simple to see the return on investment.

“Our customers are looking to us for solutions so that they can continue to do business, and be as efficient as possible.

“We hope this digital campaign sparks imaginations and inspires new ideas for what’s possible with technology.”

Find out more about IoT services from Vodafone Business.

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