Press Release | 27 Aug 2013


  • Vodafone report finds 86% of businesses believe 4G will increase productivity
  • Two-thirds of businesses will be able to respond to customers faster
  • A significant number of businesses plan to start using 4G in the next 12 months

Business leaders believe that 4G will vastly benefit their organisations – making them more responsive and improving the customer experience. In a new report by Vodafone UK, almost nine out of ten business leaders (86%) said they believe 4G will increase productivity by providing a genuine ‘in-office’ experience wherever they are.

The report, the latest in Vodafone’s Perspective series found that over half of respondents (55%) felt 4G would benefit their organisations and one in five described those benefits as being ‘significant’. Interest in 4G services is substantial among business users, with 41% of respondents planning to start using it in the next 12 months.

The report A perfect storm: the role of 4G in the ‘age of me’, shares the findings of research among 554 organisational leaders across UK Plc and includes reflections on the impact of 4G from 10 business leaders including Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, Nicola Rabson, Partner at Linklater and Tom Ball, founder of Neardesk.

The report shows that the state of the UK economy has been a catalyst for a change in expectations. Consumers have come to expect things now, not tomorrow and the result, according to the report, is a new era termed ‘the age of me’, where customers expect to deal with nimble and responsive organisations and employees want greater flexibility.

Over two-thirds (69%) of the business leaders surveyed reported that their businesses have had to become more responsive over the past three years, to both employees and customers. These leaders believe 4G will improve their ability to respond to customers and deliver a better customer experience through real-time data intelligence, better availability or more engaging and impactful content, and enterprise applications.

Three-fifths (58%) of leaders surveyed believe that employees have changed their attitudes with the most notable change being the increased focus on work-life balance. 4G technology will enable employees to make the most of what may previously have been frustratingly unproductive time.

Jeroen Hoencamp, Enterprise Director, Vodafone UK, commented “There has been a revolution in the workplace. The focus is no longer on where and when you work it’s all about maximising productivity, increasing efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction. At the heart of these innovative working practices is a renewed focus on greater collaboration across businesses enabled by increased data use.

We’re now seeing employees with different skillsets and from different departments coming together to work flexibly, collaborate and share competencies. Increasingly, better connectivity is enabling greater information flow between colleagues, 4G will only accelerate this trend towards collaboration.

There are times when changing attitudes and technological advancements fortuitously collide and creativity becomes a transformative force. The release of 4G has the potential to be one of those moments for businesses and customers alike – a perfect storm. The Vodafone Perspective series reports and other resources are available at:

Notes to editors
At the core of this fourth report in Vodafone’s Perspective series is primary research commissioned by Vodafone and conducted by Circle Research in May 2013. This canvassed the opinion of 554 business leaders in organisations across the public and private sectors. The findings are further complemented with selected extracts from ten independent contributors.

Industry quotes:
Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation
“We are seeing the creation of thousands of virtual and flexible teams which is the manpower behind the growth of small businesses and the British economy today.”

Nicola Rabson, Partner, Linklater:
“I know I perform at a higher level when I manage to strike a balance between working time and personal down time – I am more creative, focussed and capable. In an increasingly competitive environment to attract and retain talent, those businesses that are willing to adapt to the changing requirements of the workforce will undoubtedly have an advantage over their less flexible competitors.”

Tom Ball, CEO, Neardesk:
“When people talk about the most productive place to get things done, they talk of first class seats on trains, quiet bay windows with gorgeous views, that bench atop a mountain – very rarely do they talk of daily commutes, endless meetings and banks of open-plan desks. Soon it won’t be called flexible working. It’ll be called working.”

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