Press Release | 25 Feb 2020

Vodafone UK completes Unlimited portfolio with addition of mobile broadband

Unlimited Mobile Broadband plans start from as little as £28 per month for tablets, data SIMs, mobile Wi-Fi devices and dongles.

  • Vodafone Unlimited now available for Mobile Broadband customers enabling them to stay connected as long as they like, without having to hunt for Wi-Fi.
  • Unlimited Mobile Broadband plans start from as little as £28 per month for tablets, data SIMs, mobile Wi-Fi devices and dongles.
  • Customers can catch up with the news, watch films, check emails and more on the UK’s best mobile data network*.

Today, Vodafone extends the Unlimited experience to include the Mobile Broadband range, including data SIMs, tablets, dongles and Mi-Fis – giving customers total worry-free usage across all pay monthly unlimited plans wherever they may be**. With prices starting from £28 per month for a data SIM, mobile Wi-Fi device or dongle and £37 per month (with a £10 upfront cost) for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e there really is a plan for everyone***.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband customers can now enjoy total data-freedom on the UK’s best mobile data network, meaning that they can do more of what they love, without having to search for Wi-Fi. Those that select an Unlimited Max plan will be able to enjoy the full 5G ready experience when connected to a 5G-enabled device in a 5G area. Customers on Vodafone’s 5G network will experience speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, ultra-quick response times and greater reliability – making it perfect for streaming TV episodes and film in crowded areas such as city centres.

For customers that like to travel, the Unlimited Max Mobile Broadband plan gives access to more inclusive roaming destinations than any other network. So whether they’re logging in from London or Los Angeles, customers can stream, scroll and search just as they would at home at no extra cost. Vodafone is also the only network to offer 5G roaming at no extra cost in more than 100 places in the UK and other European countries. This is double the number of locations offered by Vodafone’s nearest competitor****.

Two Unlimited Mobile Broadband plans will be available to pay monthly customers on both 4G and 5G:

  • Vodafone Unlimited: From £28 per month and offering speeds of up to 10Mbps, it is ideal for customers who want to video stream over SD or HD without worrying about their data usage; 48 roam-free destinations are also included in this plan.
  • Vodafone Unlimited Max: From £33 per month, it gives speeds as fast as the device and the network will allow. It is perfect for people who want to take advantage of the latest technology, such as live virtual reality, watching live TV and sport in 4K with ultra-high definition (UHD); 77 inclusive roaming destinations are included – our 48 European roam-free destinations plus an additional 29 of our most popular destinations worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Jamaica. That’s more inclusive roaming destinations than any other network.

What’s more, Vodafone is introducing a range of 24-month SIM-only plans to give customers better value and as much choice as possible when selecting a new plan. Customers who purchase a SIM-only plan will have the added flexibility of upgrading to a handset plan after three months should they wish to.

A Vodafone Entertainment Partner is the perfect match for unlimited data and customers on selected plans can choose between Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass. Customers will get more than just endless entertainment with 100 UK-to-EU minutes included with all Entertainment plans.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK says: “We launched our market-leading range of Unlimited mobile tariffs last year and now we expand Unlimited to include Mobile Broadband plans. Our customers are empowered to do more of what they love, wherever they may be on the UK’s best mobile data network.”

Vodafone has recently been awarded the UK’s best mobile data network by the independent testing company nPerf, which measured download speed, upload speed, latency, browsing and streaming performance. nPerf’s testing showed that Vodafone had the highest combined score across all categories versus its competitors.

Customers looking to take advantage of our great value Unlimited Mobile Broadband plans can do so by visiting our website.


Notes to editors:

* nPerf Award: Based on nPerf testing during 2019, Vodafone was awarded Best 2019 Mobile Internet Performance vs EE, O2 & Three. Results based on 35, 664 tests carried out on the nPerf app in the UK. As of Jan 2020, for full verification see our website.

**Roaming data on all unlimited data plans: capped at 25GB per month in inclusive roaming & £6/day roaming destinations. Terms, destinations & verification are available online.

*** Unlimited data: available on Unlimited Plan (max download/upload speeds of 10Mbps) & Unlimited Max Plan. Speed and coverage may vary by a number of factors. Terms are available on our website.

**** 5G in more places: Vodafone 5G in a total of 108 places across EU (40 UK locations & 68 locations across Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland) vs EE (50 UK locations & 0 locations across EU), Three (1 UK location & 0 locations across EU), O2 (21 UK locations & 0 locations across EU). As of 17/01/2020, see our website for full verification & coverage.


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We have a strong track record as a tech pioneer, making the UK’s first mobile phone call, sending the first text message, and making the UK’s first live holographic call using 5G in 2018. We were the first to start carrying live 5G traffic from a site in Salford, Greater Manchester and now have 5G in locations across Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain as well as the UK. Meanwhile, our 4G network coverage currently reaches over 99% of the UK population.

Today, Vodafone serves more than 18 million mobile and fixed-line customers in the UK. Vodafone is the largest provider of full fibre in the UK – our superfast broadband services are now available to nearly 12 million homes across the UK.

Sustainability is also at the heart of what we do: as of 1 July 2021, 100% of the grid electricity we use in the UK is certified to be from renewable sources.

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