Press Release | 18 May 2023

Vodafone is Britain’s largest Full Fibre provider for small businesses

To mark the milestone, verified by, Vodafone’s spring sale promotion saves businesses over £672 vs BT Business on Full Fibre 900 Mbps broadband – ends 22 June 2023.

  • Vodafone is now the largest Full Fibre provider for small businesses – as independently verified by 
  • Today small businesses can connect to a range of Vodafone Business plans on Full Fibre, which is the most reliable broadband solution and up to 25 times faster than copper broadband. 
  • Vodafone’s spring sale promotion saves businesses over £672 vs BT Business on Full Fibre 900 Mbps broadband – ends 22 June 2023. 

Vodafone is Britain’s largest Full Fibre broadband provider for small businesses. Its Full Fibre connectivity is now available to more businesses and homes than anyone else’s, as independently verified by – an independent guide to broadband in the UK.

To make Full Fibre available to more small businesses than any other provider, Vodafone has created a unique combination of partnerships with CityFibre and Openreach.

The findings mark Vodafone’s continued support for the expansion of Full Fibre networks across the UK and its determination to encourage wholesale infrastructure competition in the market. Vodafone now provides Full Fibre connectivity to over 11 million* residential and business premises.

Full fibre broadband, or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), uses a fibre connection from the exchange to the premises, guaranteeing a fast and reliable connection. Vodafone’s latest deal with CityFibre, first announced in November 2021, establishes it as CityFibre’s anchor customer in making long-term, volume commitments across CityFibre’s entire roll-out as part of its £4bn investment programme. 

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As a result, Vodafone Full Fibre connectivity with CityFibre is now available to business premises in 12 cities across the UK including Coventry, Cambridge, Leeds, and Edinburgh.

According to Ofcom, Full Fibre is the most reliable broadband solution, which Vodafone has been investing in since 2016 and delivering a product which is up to 25x faster than standard broadband. 

Claire Harris, UK Head of Small, Medium & Enterprise Business, Vodafone, said: “A reliable and speedy broadband service is now an essential tool in helping small businesses continue to serve their customers without disruption and safeguard their long-term existence.

“That’s why I’m delighted that we are now able to provide more high-quality, superfast full fibre connectivity to more small business customers than any other telco.”

Vodafone is offering businesses the chance to save over £672 vs BT Business on its Pro2 Full Fibre 900 Mbps business broadband package as part of its range of spring sale promotions**. Available until 22 June 2023, Vodafone is offering business broadband and phone line connectivity for only £28 a month (excl. 20% VAT) for six months. The price then reverts to £56 a month – a saving of 50%.

Find out more about Vodafone’s ultra-fast range of Full Fibre broadband solutions. 

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Notes to editors

*Full Fibre available to more small businesses than anyone else: As independently verified by

** Spring Sale promotion – 50% off for six months on all our 24-month plans.  

Offer period 12 May to 22 June 2023. 

Each April, the monthly price shown will increase by the CPI rate published in Jan that year + 3.9%.

All 24-month Vodafone Business Broadband from Fibre, Pro Fibre and Full Fibre contracts only. Prices from £16.25 (excl. VAT) a month* for Pro2 Fibre packages (average download speeds ranging from 38Mbps to 900Mbps ). Price stated above is 50% off price, before it reverts on the seventh month to £32.50pcm*.

6 months 50% off example: ‘Full Fibre 900’ at £56pcm*, for 6 months at £28pcm. Then, from month 7, the price will revert to the £56pcm*. Total cost of ownership: £1,176 over 24 months.

Availability and speeds may vary. Applicable VAT rate is 20%. See full service Terms and Conditions.

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