Instagram is a popular social media app owned by Meta that allows users to create and share photos, videos and messages. They can share this information publicly with all users, or privately with their followers.


Popular features on the app include Instagram Direct (sending private messages to one or more people), Instagram Reels (15-second videos), Instagram Stories (multiple photos and/or videos in one slideshow that automatically disappear after 24 hours) and Instagram Live (broadcasting a live video as it’s being filmed). Instagram is also known for the range of ‘filters’ users can apply to their photos and videos to change the way they look.

If an account is registered as under 18 the account will be set to private by default (but this can be changed). A private account means only approved followers can see photos and videos shared by the account, but everyone can see the account name, bio and profile photo. Those over 16 registering an account will be public by default with the option to switch.

Instagram provides a parental supervision tool called ‘Instagram Family Centre’. With their child’s agreement, parents can use this to set time limits for their child’s Instagram account and see which accounts their child is following or has blocked as well as who follows them. They can also see their child’s settings for privacy and safety such as viewing sensitive content, managing who can message them or add them to a group.


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