JusTalk Kids

JusTalk Kids is an app where users can make voice or video calls to individuals or groups, send messages, join group chats, watch videos or play games. It is a child’s version of the JusTalk app.

In the app a user can access a set of children’s videos from KidsTube – some videos are free but to watch others, people must pay for ‘JusTalk Kids Premium’. The ‘Play Zone’ includes virtual prizes as rewards for children who complete tasks such as watching a video. The JusTalk Kids app does not have adverts.

The minimum age for a user to create their own account is 13. Children under 13 are allowed to use the app with the consent of their parent. Users don’t need a phone number to use JusTalk Kids but the app suggests adding a parent’s number to the account. Parents can use their own JusTalk app to talk to their child who is using the JusTalk Kids app.

JusTalk Kids has parental controls features, which give parents the option to set a passcode to prevent a child accessing all the safety settings or sharing their JusTalk ID with other people. Safety settings allow users to do things like disable read receipts and the ability to add a new friend and stop notifications from popping up and blur sensitive content in the app. A child can also block and report other users. Parents can pay to link their own JusTalk app account to a child’s account to manage the parental controls there.


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