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Roblox is a gaming platform containing millions of 3D online games and experiences that users can create, play and explore. People can also chat and play with others in Roblox. Most of the games that can be played have been created by “amateur” creators not professional games developers.

Roblox has a ‘Parental Guidance’ rating on PEGI because some games may be unsuitable for younger children (for example it may have a violent or scary theme). People can play on the Roblox website or use the app on platforms such as Amazon Fire, Xbox and PCs (including virtual reality).

Players can buy ‘Robux’ to pay for in-game items. Paying a monthly fee allows a player to do things like create a private ‘server’ to play a game only with friends for example. To use voice chat, a player must prove they are at least 13 years old.

Some (not all) safety settings are automatically applied according to the child’s stated birth date.

Roblox has parental controls features which allow parents to limit or disable online chat, control access to experiences based on age recommendations and select options for spending limits. They can set a pin to lock settings. Safety settings are also available which allow users to do things like limit who can chat with them as well as block and report other users. There are additional parental controls available on the gaming platforms you can play Roblox on e.g. Xbox.

Access parental controls
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Safety restrictions available

Harmful Content

Block or limit access to content that could be harmful to children e.g. videos that contain bad language or sexual, violent or discriminatory content.

In-game Purchasing

Disable option to buy extra content, goods or subscriptions when using apps e.g. buying TikTok Coins when using the social media app TikTok


Block a user’s ability to communicate privately with one person or a group of people e.g. send or receive direct messages

Time Limit

Decide when and for how long a user can access a piece of technology e.g. set a schedule on a broadband router so that internet access turns off after 8pm

Multi Player

Block a user's ability to play games with other players online