Sendit is an app which allows users to ask a question (called a ‘Sendit’) and receive anonymous replies from other users.

A user can write their own Sendit or choose from a list of options, such as ‘Ask me anything’ or ‘In the car, entertain me’. Or a user can choose a question-based game such as ‘Guess Who – reply with a clue and I’ll guess who you are’. They can also play ‘AR’ (Augmented Reality) games which show animations on top of a photo or video. Users can also message Sendit creators or search for other users, including finding people who live nearby.

People can share a link to their Sendit or game with others or they can share it directly on Snapchat (as you can connect your Sendit account to Snapchat) or on Instagram (and there is also a Sendit – for Instagram app). Users have a limited number of guesses  to find out who has sent a message or they can pay to reveal hints about the sender. Users are rewarded with ‘trophies’ for posting Sendits and receiving responses. A new user must enter their date of birth to use the app.

There are no parental controls on Sendit. However, a user can report a harmful message to the app and block the sender.


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