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Terraria is an action-adventure game where players roam a world, crafting and building structures using available resources. Players can create many different weapons to fight monsters and enemies and there is frequent but mild violence. The game can be played on a wide variety of platforms including PC, Mac, PlayStation, Android and Amazon.

Terraria can be played in single or multi-player modes (with players that they may not know personally). They can join or host servers (a computer or device used to host games) to play with others online.

There is an in-game chat feature that allows players to communicate and apps such as Discord can be used for voice chat. There are currently no in-game purchases available on Terraria.

Terraria does not have parental controls features and there are limited safety settings available. Parents should explore the safety settings available on the gaming platform used to play Terraria on (e.g. iOS) to activate such settings. They can also visit the Terraria Forums page to seek support if encountering problems in the game.

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Safety restrictions available

Harmful Content

Block or limit access to content that could be harmful to children e.g. videos that contain bad language or sexual, violent or discriminatory content.

In-game Purchasing

Disable option to buy extra content, goods or subscriptions when using apps e.g. buying TikTok Coins when using the social media app TikTok


Block a user’s ability to communicate privately with one person or a group of people e.g. send or receive direct messages

Time Limit

Decide when and for how long a user can access a piece of technology e.g. set a schedule on a broadband router so that internet access turns off after 8pm

Multi Player

Block a user's ability to play games with other players online