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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a series of action-adventure games. The plot involves the main character Link (alongside Princess Zelda) trying to save their land from an evil king. The series is produced by Nintendo and can be played on Nintendo consoles such as Nintendo Switch. Some games are suitable for younger children (7+) but others are rated 12+ due to moderate violence.

The most popular The Legend of Zelda games today are single player. Play involves roaming and exploring, completing puzzles and side-quests and avoiding or battling enemies. Some games provide an option for a player to purchase in-game items. Nintendo also sells ‘Amiibo’ figurines which link to a Nintendo console and provide in-game items at random for players.

Parental controls for The Legend of Zelda games are available on the Nintendo console used to play it. There is a dedicated parental controls app for Nintendo Switch called Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, which allows parents to monitor what their children are doing online. Parents can also create a Nintendo ‘Family Group’ to supervise their child’s Nintendo Account including preventing purchases.

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