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The Sims is an established series of games which simulate real life. A player creates virtual people (called ‘Sims’) and directs what they do. Players create houses and other structures for the Sims to interact in. Games are available from EA on all major platforms such as Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile devices. Games include moderate violence and some of the minor violence towards human characters is realistic. There are also scenes which imply sexual activity.

Sims games are single player, although in some games, players can share content they have created (such as a house) with others. There are suggestions that a future The Sims game will include a multi-player option.

Sims games are free to play but players can earn or purchase ‘Simoleons’ (The Sims virtual currency) to progress through the game and unlock new items and features.

A player needs an EA account to play the game. Under-18 accounts have some safety settings automatically applied.

For players using EA’s desktop gaming platforms – the EA app or Origin, parents can apply parental controls to monitor and control their children’s playtime, spending, social interactions etc. The platform being used to play The Sims on may also have safety settings.

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Safety restrictions available

Harmful Content

Block or limit access to content that could be harmful to children e.g. videos that contain bad language or sexual, violent or discriminatory content.

In-game Purchasing

Disable option to buy extra content, goods or subscriptions when using apps e.g. buying TikTok Coins when using the social media app TikTok


Block a user’s ability to communicate privately with one person or a group of people e.g. send or receive direct messages

Time Limit

Decide when and for how long a user can access a piece of technology e.g. set a schedule on a broadband router so that internet access turns off after 8pm

Multi Player

Block a user's ability to play games with other players online