Twitter (now called X)

X is a social media app (formerly known as Twitter) where users can share short messages (‘posts’). People can ‘follow’ other users to see their posts and reply or repost them to share with their own followers.

Posts can be public or private and include information such as photos, videos, links and location. The ‘For you’ tab includes posts from accounts the user follows or that the app thinks the user will enjoy.  The ‘Following’ tab only shows posts by people the user follows. Adverts are shown on both tabs. Xr allows users to livestream and join a public audio chat (called a Space). A user can send text or voice message to another user or group of users.

Users who pay for ‘X Premium’ get a blue checkmark next to their profile name and can do things like edit a post after sharing it. Their identity is not verified. Profiles with a gold or grey checkmark and a square profile picture have had their identity verified.

There are no parental controls on X. Its safety settings include managing how people can find, contact, or tag a user and see their posts or which Spaces they’re listening to. Users can turn off location sharing and read receipts, filter out posts with content such as spam, violence or nudity or containing certain words. They can block and report harmful content and prevent X from showing personalised adverts or exchanging user data with other businesses.


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