YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a video streaming app for children up to 12 years old, owned by Google. It has been created to give parents greater oversight and control over how their child uses a video streaming app. For example, a parent can control what sorts of videos their children can watch and how long they can watch them for. YouTube Kids can be accessed on a browser and there are apps for desktop and mobile devices. It can also be accessed through the YouTube app.

YouTube Kids provides videos suited to different age groups – ‘Preschool Mode’ for under 4 years olds, ‘Younger Mode’ for 5 to 8 year olds, and ‘Older Mode’ for 9 to 12 years olds. To use the app, a parent creates a profile for their child and selects their child’s age group. This means the child can only view videos that the app thinks are suitable for that age group or videos that the parent has already approved. A parent can also allow their child to search among millions of other videos on YouTube Kids. They can pay for a YouTube family plan to turn off adverts.

YouTube Kids uses software to check if videos are safe for children but not all videos have been checked by a human. Users can block and report an unsafe video or ‘channel’ (a YouTube profile that hosts videos).

The YouTube Kids app has parental controls features to manage what videos they can access and to limit their screen time. Parents can also see which videos their children have watched, turn off autoplay and prevent YouTube from storing their child’s ‘watch’ and ‘search’ history. These controls can also be managed in Google Family Link.

*Users under the age of 13 will require relevant permissions from parents/guardians


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