Yubo is a livestreaming app which allows up to 10 users to take part in a video chat (called a ‘live’), with unlimited viewers. Users can play games whilst live and send direct messages including voice messages.

A user can join a current ‘live’ from the home screen or start their own. They can search for people by age, gender, location and shared interest. Swiping left on a person’s profile picture means you don’t want to connect with them, and swiping right means you ‘like’ them. If two users ‘like’ each other, they are connected as friends and can message each other.

Users can buy or earn YuBucks (Yubo’s currency) to pay for ‘powers’ to do things like randomly send up to 500 ‘Friend Requests’, or to subscribe to ‘Power Packs’, which allow them to swipe over 100,000 profiles a day for example.

Yubo does not have parental controls. It says it monitors all livestreams and direct messages. Its safety settings include the ability for a user to hide their profile from swiping, block inappropriate messages, turn off personalised advertising, and show only their country (not city) as their location.


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