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Lifestyle | 13 Apr 2023

Top 10 apps for planning your best ever holiday

We recommend the latest apps to help ensure a smooth trip, from flight trackers to restaurant finders, so you can just relax.

Passport: check. Swimming costume: check. Sun lotion, mosquito spray, shampoo: check, check, check.

If you’ve left your holiday apps to the last minute though, worry not. The following travel apps can help save you time and money this summer. Don’t leave without them…


PackPoint: Tell the app where you’re going, for how long, in what weather and to do what, and it will create a packing list for you. You can even factor in mid-holiday washes, add extra items the app could not anticipate, save packing lists for future trips and share them with others.

Free, with in-app purchases


TripIt: Airline tickets, boarding passes, hotel confirmations, rental car reservations, activity bookings… Holidays come with a lot of paperwork. TripIt collates it all in one app. Just forward your booking confirmation emails to the app, and it automatically adds it to your on-screen itinerary. Upgrade to the paid-for Pro version and you’ll get interactive maps, flight status alerts and more.

Free for the economy version, £39 for TripIt Pro

How tech can help you enjoy a summer of adventure

If you’re ready to stretch your horizons this summer, our tech suggestions can help you discover new destinations to head for - and then make the most of your time when you get there.

Purchase airport meals

Grab: Whether you’re hungry and running late, or simply loathe long queues at airport restaurants, Grab is the app for you. Download Grab and immediately see a menu of all the restaurants in your airport. Scroll through, pick a meal, pay and order on the app. Then just stroll over when it’s ready to collect as a takeaway. It currently works in selected airports across the UK, US, Scandinavia, the Middle East and Mexico.


Luxuriate in a lounge

LoungeBuddy: If you’re looking to escape the airport crowds, this iOS app tells you which lounges you can access, either for free (based on your trip, airline seating class, and any frequent-flyer program status, memberships or credit cards) or for a one-off fee. It also shows you photos, ratings and lists of the services inside, so that you can weigh up their worth before parting with your cash.


Stretch your legs with these walking and hiking apps

Whether you’re a keen hiker or just want new ideas for leisurely strolls, why not limber up with these useful and inspirational apps?

Track your flight

Flightaware: Reputed to be more accurate than the airlines’ own updates, Flightaware lets you track the status of your flight from your phone. You can check for delays, see weather radar, and set up alerts to be notified of any changes. Brilliant both when you are flying, and when you are collecting friends and family from the airport.

Free, with in-app purchases

Tackle jet lag

Timeshifter: A game changer for frequent fliers, and recommended by retired astronauts, Timeshifter promises to eliminate (or at least reduce) the pain of jetlag. Based on your personal details (such as age, sex, sleeping patterns) as well as the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience, the app feeds you personal and practical recommendations for your trip. Expect tips on exactly when to seek out or avoid caffeine, bright lights and naps.

Free, with in-app purchases

5G takes off at Gatwick in time for the Easter holidays

More capacity and faster data speeds for travellers at one of London’s busiest airports.

Get help in emergencies

TripWhistle: There are 196 countries in the world, with more than 70 different emergency numbers. This iOS app allows you to dial the emergency police, fire, and ambulance phone numbers anywhere in the world with a single touch – and without having to remember the number.


Bag the best train and bus prices

Wanderu: There are plenty of flight comparison sites and apps out there, but it can be a sparser field once you’ve actually arrived at your destination. If you want to be sure you are getting competitive prices on internal travel, Wanderu can help. It sorts through deals for bus, coach and train journeys across North America and Europe, allowing you to find and book the best.


Don't splash your cash! The truth about ‘waterproof’ smartphones

It's probably a bad idea to take your smartphone or smartwatch into the pool or the sea this summer, even if it claims to be water-resistant.

Convert currency quickly

Xe Currency and Money Transfers: Having up-to-the-minute currency conversion rates at your fingertips can help you avoid bad deals at the bureau de change. Xe also allows you to send money overseas and track it.


Find a public toilet

Flush Toilet Finder: If you’ve forgotten the Spanish word for toilet while out sightseeing and you’re getting desperate, Flush could help provide blessed relief. This app has details on 200,000 public loos all around the world. Access directions to your nearest facilities immediately, as well as key details like accessibility and cleanliness. It’s the app you never knew you needed, but will never now be without.


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