News | 19 Apr 2024

Honor 90 Smart 5G: the budget smartphone that goes big

The latest Android smartphone, from one of the world's most prolific manufacturers, is now available with the flexible terms and useful extras available as part of Vodafone EVO.

The Honor 90 Smart 5G is an affordable Android smartphone that looks far more expensive than it actually is. This should come as no surprise since Honor, previously a part of Huawei but now an independent company, prides itself on highly specified but aggressively priced phones. Although aimed at young people, the Honor 90 Smart could be for anyone looking for big features at a small price.

The Honor 90 Smart has a large 6.8in screen that doesn’t skimp on resolution or brightness. With 2412×1080 pixels (a bit higher than a 1080p TV), text and images should look sharp. With a brightness rating of 850 nits, everything onscreen should be legible in even the brightest of sunshine.

Unusually for any phone, but especially one at this price, the 90 Smart can record video simultaneously from both its rear- and front-facing cameras. So, for example, you could record your reaction to a stunning holiday vista, as well as the view itself.

Uploading videos and photos should be a snap as the phone can connect to Vodafone’s reliable, award-winning 5G network. Over WiFi, meanwhile,  it supports WiFi 5-level speeds – a standard that all recent home broadband routers should support.

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While the 90 Smart has dual stereo speakers, it’s also one of the few new phones that still has a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting wired earphones and headphones. So there’s no excuse for blasting out your podcasts, videos and calls on speakerphone in public places to anyone and everyone within earshot.

The phone’s battery can be recharged quickly, as the Honor 90 Smart supports fast charging. But, like the vast majority of modern smartphones, it doesn’t come with a charger in the box to help cut down on unnecessary e-waste. Don’t fret unnecessarily though, as you should be able to use any other USB-C charger that you may already have. If you don’t already have one, they’re widely available, including from Vodafone, both online and in-store.

Unlocking the phone is done using the fingerprint sensor mounted inside the power button. There’s no SD card slot, but the 128GB of built-in storage can easily be augmented with cloud storage if you need more room for photos, music and other files.

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The Honor 90 Smart 5G is now available on Vodafone EVO. With EVO, you have the flexibility to choose the contract length and upfront cost that suits you best. You’ll also benefit from the Lifetime Service Promise, which consists of Battery Refresh and Lifetime Warranty.

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