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Vodafone EVO: Everything you need to know

The newest Pay Monthly mobile plans from Vodafone are not only highly flexible, they’re also brimming with benefits. And they put you in control. Here’s a breakdown of every single one.

How is Vodafone EVO different from other Pay Monthly contracts?

With EVO, you not only choose how much you pay upfront for your phone, you also choose how long it will take to pay off the remaining amount. This is now possible as the cost of your new phone has been split off from the cost of your calls, text and data. So with EVO, you actually have two plans – a Device plan and an Airtime plan.

With your Airtime plan you can choose how much mobile data you want, including Unlimited. All EVO plans include unlimited calls and texts.

How long are Vodafone EVO contracts?

Your EVO Device plan can be as short as three months, as lengthy as 36 months, or any number of months in between.

Airtime plans can be either 12 or 24 months long. But if you choose a Device plan that lasts for 13 months or longer, then you can only choose a 24-month Airtime plan to go with it.

What happens once I’ve paid off my Device plan?

Your Airtime plan will move to a 30-day rolling contract, with the same allowances and benefits as before.

Which devices can I buy on Vodafone EVO?

Vodafone’s full range of smartphones, smartwatches, laptops and tablets can be purchased on EVO plans.

When can I upgrade to a new device on Vodafone EVO?

You can upgrade from the third month of your Device plan. To do so, you’d have to pay off the plan for your existing Device and then take out a new plan for your new Device. You’ll also need to agree to a new Airtime plan.

Do I get any extra benefits on Vodafone EVO plans?

All Vodafone EVO plans come with the Lifetime Service Promise. This consists of a Lifetime Warranty which protects your device against manufacturer faults and lasts for as long as you have an Airtime plan with Vodafone. And with plans for phones, you also get Battery Refresh so you can get your tired battery replaced at no extra charge. Everyone on EVO will get Battery Refresh for a minimum of 24 months, even if you opt for a 12-month Device plan. If you choose to have a Device plan that lasts longer than 24 months, then you’ll still be covered by Battery Refresh.

All EVO plans also come with Xtra benefits, that differ according to your Airtime plan. Xtra benefits come in three bundles:

Xtra 2 – unlimited MMS messages;

Xtra 3 – the benefits in Xtra 2, plus 50% off smartwatch connectivity;

Xtra 4 – the benefits in Xtra 2 and 3, plus more benefits depending on whether or not you choose a plan with Unlimited data:

  • If you choose a Vodafone EVO plan with a capped data allowance, you can use Unlimited Data Booster to get unlimited data for 30 days. If you’re on a 12-month Airtime plan, you can do this three times. If you’re on a 24-month or longer Airtime plan, you can use Unlimited Data Booster six times.
    Plus, from 6 January 2022, you can use your call, text and data allowances with no additional charge when roaming in EU countries.
  • If you choose a Vodafone EVO plan with unlimited data, you’ll be able to use your call, text and data allowances when roaming in 83 international destinations with no additional charge.

What about VeryMe? And entertainment options?

You can still choose to add one of the available entertainment options – such as Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium and Amazon Prime – to your plan for a low monthly fee, regardless of how many Xtra benefits you have.

VeryMe Rewards is available to everyone on an Vodafone EVO plan.

Can I get a discount on Vodafone EVO plans?

If you opt for both Pro II Broadband and EVO, you get a £3 Vodafone Together discount. Plus, for every person who signs up to Vodafone Together, Vodafone will give a free SIM card to a person in need. Each free SIM comes loaded with 20GB of data, as well as unlimited calls and texts, as part of Vodafone’s drive to connect one million people currently living in digital poverty by the end of 2022.

Where can I buy Vodafone EVO plans?

To start customising your Vodafone EVO plan, head to the Vodafone UK website.

This article was originally published in November 2021 and was last updated in January 2024.

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