26 Jun 2024

Pounds and pence: a new approach to price rises

Rob Winterschladen​, Vodafone UK’s Consumer Director, explains how a new approach to price rises will ensure greater transparency for customers.

Vodafone is moving away from inflation-linked price rises from 2 July 2024 for our consumer customers and some small business customers. We know annual price rises are never an easy conversation, but they are crucial so that we can continue to invest in our network and meet our customers’ ever-growing need for data.

The Ofcom consultation on mid-contract price rises focused on transparency, asking the industry to give customers more clarity over what their price change will be. 

So, from 2 July 2024 – in line with Ofcom’s consultation – before a customer takes out a new contract or re-contracts with us, they will be told exactly what their contract will cost in pounds and pence, and when that price rise will occur. This will also apply to some products and services for our Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) customers. 

For example, customers taking out a contract in August 2024 will see their bill adjusted in April 2025, and then in April 2026, by a set amount. Plans will increase from £1 a month on mobile and £3 a month for broadband customers. There will be no increases for customers registered as financially vulnerable or those on social tariffs.

As The Nation’s Network, we believe everyone should have access to connectivity, and no one should be left behind. This is why we offer affordable connectivity on both mobile and broadband in our social tariffs, Vodafone Essentials and VOXI For Now. It’s why our everyone.connected programme has pledged to help 4 million cross the digital divide. And it’s why we don’t increase prices for any of these financially vulnerable groups. ​ 

Average data usage in the UK continues to increase year-on-year for both broadband and mobile, yet the price for 1GB of data is a third cheaper now than it was in 2017*. So, while usage continues to increase, it is important to note that prices are not rising in line.​

Since 1984, we’ve gone from strength to strength to support the UK. Today, we are proud to call ourselves The Nation’s Network, and look forward to keeping our customers connected to the things and people they love this summer and beyond.

* Assembly Research: The Value of Telecoms Services, 2023 

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