News | 28 Feb 2022

OpenRAN in ‘30% of Vodafone European network by 2030’

Vodafone announced the new target for the more flexible mast technology at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona.

Vodafone will use OpenRAN technology in 30% of its masts across Europe by 2030, Johan Wibergh, Vodafone Group Chief Technology Officer, said in a speech at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona.

Around 30,000 sites across Europe will eventually use OpenRAN, he said, with rural areas the first to benefit from the new 4G and 5G masts that use the more flexible radio technology.

When the roll-out reaches cities, the equipment from any existing 5G masts being replaced will then be reused elsewhere to reduce unnecessary wastage, he said.

OpenRAN is the future of 4G – and Vodafone is making it happen

Vodafone is leading a quiet revolution in the way 4G mobile phone networks are built and run. We explain what OpenRAN is and why it matters.

Vodafone has been one of the key drivers behind the development and use of OpenRAN, building one of the first-ever live OpenRAN masts in Wales. This was followed by the construction of OpenRAN masts in Cornwall, as well as the UK’s first 5G OpenRAN site.

Vodafone switches on first 5G OpenRAN site

Vodafone plans to have 2,500 OpenRAN sites live by 2027.

MWC has also seen Vodafone announce new smartphone sustainability initiatives, as well as the trial of new Internet of Things technology to enable cars to pay automatically for their own refueling.

And Vodafone Group CEO Nick Read addressed MWC attendees in a keynote speech, highlighting the challenges and opportunities facing the mobile industry.

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