Press Release | 09 Jul 2024

Vodafone breaks network data records at Glastonbury Festival yet again

225 terabytes of data was consumed by data hungry Festival-goers.

  • Vodafone, Glastonbury’s Official Connectivity Partner, has revealed that over 225 terabytes of data was consumed by data hungry Festival-goers – the most Vodafone data ever used at Glastonbury Festival and 33.14% more than 2023.
  • Data shows that a mammoth 258 gigabytes of data was uploaded during Coldplay’s incredible headline performance.
  • Vodafone data reveals that 20 terabytes of data was used at the Pyramid Stage – the equivalent of 6,500hrs of HD video streaming.
  • 226,215 people downloaded the Official Glastonbury app, powered by Vodafone, and interestingly one-in-ten people that did so were watching from home.
  • An impressive 206,000 people created a personal line-up and the new ‘share line-up’ feature saw 90,600 friends’ line-ups shared.
  • Over 173,700 pins were dropped and 15,800 custom map pins were shared, helping people meet up on the vast site.

New data from Vodafone, The Official Connectivity Partner of Glastonbury Festival, has revealed that data usage increased by 33.14% from 2023 and as such is the most ever used at Glastonbury Festival on the Vodafone network. An astonishing 225 terabytes of data was consumed throughout the 2024 Festival, which is the equivalent of 73,000hrs of HD video streaming.

With crowds of over 200,000 at Worthy Farm, Vodafone’s reliable award-winning network* was boosted to the highest capacity ever, with ten temporary masts placed around Worthy Farm. What’s more, data upload figures show that over 258GB of data was uploaded during Coldplay’s iconic headline performance – the equivalent of uploading 74,000 high resolution pictures to Instagram.

Over the course of the five-day Festival, Vodafone also revealed that 20 terabytes of data was used at the Pyramid Stage alone.

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The Official Glastonbury app, powered by Vodafone, saw 226,215 total downloads. 88.9% of downloads were from festivalgoers onsite, while 11.1% were from people viewing at home. An impressive 206,000 total line-ups were created, and each personal line-up had an average of 46 artists added. Over 59,000 users created a custom pin and a whopping 173,700 pins were dropped on the map. This new feature meant that over 15,000 of these custom pins were shared to friends and family at the Festival. To help festivalgoers discover new artists, 23,000 people connected the app to their Spotify account to get personalised recommendations of artists performing at the Festival, based on their listening habits.

New ‘My Highlights’ feature to be launched as part of Vodafone’s Official Glastonbury Festival app

The new post-festival feature will help festivalgoers to relive their memories of the 2024 Glastonbury Festival.

In what looks to be a world’s first for a live global event, Vodafone offered festivalgoers the chance to test out the Vodafone network through its revolutionary eSIM network trial, all for free and without having to change their number. Almost 15,000 people ordered an eSIM from The Nation’s Network.

Almost 10,000 people bought power banks at Vodafone’s Connect & Charge tent on-site. For every one of those, Vodafone donated free connectivity to charities in the local area as part of its everyone.connected campaign – providing Glastonbury-goers the chance to give back to the local community.

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Rob Winterschladen, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said: “As Official Connectivity Partner for Glastonbury Festival, I’m incredibly proud that we boosted our network to its highest capacity ever, giving all festivalgoers the opportunity to try The Nation’s Network for free, and delivered a game-changing app. I look forward to delivering even more for fans and customers across the summer and beyond.”

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