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Features | 19 Jan 2023

2Gbps: Home WiFi speed record smashed in York

The speed trials demonstrate the future-proofing technology behind CityFibre’s network upgrades and Vodafone’s Pro II WiFi 6E router.

Vodafone and CityFibre have demonstrated astonishingly fast 2Gbps download speeds in York. The full-fibre home broadband and WiFi trials were made possible by both CityFibre upgrading its fibre optic cable network in the city and Vodafone’s Pro II home broadband WiFi router, currently the only router from a broadband provider that supports the latest WiFi 6E standard.

2Gbps is twice as fast as 910Mbps, which is currently the fastest available download speed available in the UK from Vodafone. A 50GB console game, such as an entry in the Call of Duty series, would be downloaded in just three minutes and 20 seconds over a 2Gbps connection. Such fast download speeds would also be useful in busy households where multiple people will often be streaming entertainment and downloading large files, for work and school, at the same time.

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Vodafone’s latest Pro II router uses WiFi 6E technology. When mobile devices and computers that also support the standard are connected to it, the router can deliver not just faster speeds but also wireless signals that are even more reliable and resistant to wireless interference.

By working with partners such as CityFibre, Vodafone has become the broadband provider with the largest full-fibre footprint in the UK. Full fibre, by using fibre optic cables at every stage from exchanges to people’s homes, delivers far greater speeds and more robust reliability than older connections that use a mix of fibre and copper cabling.

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CityFibre plans to roll out its 2Gbps network upgrade from April 2023.

Check to see if Vodafone full fibre is available in your area.

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