Press Release | 03 Jul 2019

Vodafone Unlimited and Vodafone Together

  • UK’s first unlimited SIM-only and handset plans for both 5G and 4G to launch from £23 per month
  • No price premium for 5G with all Vodafone Unlimited SIMs 5G ready
  • Plans benefit from a choice of entertainment partner for £6 a month
  • All consumers benefit from the UK’s best roaming coverage and VeryMe Rewards
  • Customers can combine unlimited mobile and broadband into one plan with new Vodafone Together

Vodafone is launching three new unlimited data plans for its mobile customers, plus a market leading combined mobile and broadband offer.

Three new unlimited data plans will be available from 10 July on 5G and 4G. They are:

  • Vodafone Unlimited Max: At £30 per month, it gives users unlimited mobile access at speeds as fast as the device and the network will allow. It is perfect for people who want to take advantage of the latest technology, such as live virtual reality, watching live TV and sport in 4K with ultra-high definition (HD), real-time multiplayer gaming on the go* or downloading boxsets in super quick time.
  • Vodafone Unlimited: Costing £26 per month and offering speeds of up to 10 Mbps, it is ideal for customers who want to video stream over SD or HD without worrying about their data usage.
  • Vodafone Unlimited Lite: Aimed at users who want to chat on social apps, browse the internet and stream music, this service costs £23 per month and offers speeds of up to 2 Mbps.

More entertainment and connectivity

Customers can add an entertainment pack to their plan (any Unlimited or Red 20GB) for just £6 a month, choosing from Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports Mobile or Now TV.

From today, Vodafone customers can also benefit from unlimited gaming over 5G or 4G with free access for three months to Hatch  – the world’s first cloud-based mobile gaming platform built for the 5G network.

Customers can also add an IoT device (such as a pet tracker) for between £2 and £4 per month (depending on device) and gain a 15% discount on an additional line.

Unlimited 5G will give users the full 5G experience and allow them to take advantage of its speed (up to ten times faster than 4G), ultra-quick response time (ideal for online gamers and critical business applications), and a super reliable connection even in crowded areas. Unlike others, Vodafone will not charge a price premium for access to its 5G network.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK said: “It’s time for the UK to be unlimited. Our new Unlimited plans set new standards for the industry with no more worrying about data usage, a 5G network in more places than any other and no premium for 5G over 4G.”

Vodafone Red plans

In addition to Vodafone Unlimited, three new simple Vodafone Red plans will be available from 10 July. The 5GB and 20GB Red plans support 5G at no extra cost, include unlimited voice minutes and offer larger data allowances. Along with Vodafone Unlimited and Vodafone Unlimited Lite, the Red plans include roaming in 48 destinations as standard.

Vodafone Together

From £43 a month for Home Broadband and Unlimited mobile data – plus a free Amazon Alexa
Also announced today is Vodafone Together, which rewards customers for combining their broadband and mobile plans, and will be available later this summer. All on one bill and managed from the My Vodafone App, this new and market leading combined service offers unlimited data, whether in or out of the home. In addition, for a limited time, Home Broadband customers will receive a free Amazon Echo Plus, which can be used to make and receive hands-free calls in the home at no extra charge with Vodafone OneNumber**. Vodafone is the first operator globally to introduce two way calling via Alexa.

Those who opt for an 18-month SIM-only plan or any handset package with home broadband can enjoy a £3 Vodafone Together discount. Families can benefit from a further 15% off any additional mobile plan added to the account.

5G – Devices and coverage

Customers can also choose from two 5G smartphones – the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 smartphone (from £50 a month and £99 up front) and the Samsung S10 5G (from £62 a month and £149 up front) – as well as a 5G portable router, the 5G GigaCube (from £30 a month and £100 up front). With GigaCube, customers can turn Vodafone’s 5G network into Wi-Fi, connecting up to 64 devices in seconds. With connectivity that’s up to ten times faster than 4G and flexible contracts, it’s the simplest way to transform your internet connection – all at a fixed monthly price.

5G GigaCube plans and pricing – introductory offer for the same price as the 4G GigaCube

Vodafone’s 5G network will be live in 19 towns and cities by the end of the year, with 5G now live in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and London. Over the summer, 5G roaming will also be available in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. In total, Vodafone 5G will be in 27 cities by the end of the summer, seven in the UK and 20 across Europe.

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*Netflix recommends 5Mbps for HD quality streaming. High quality Spotify streaming requires 0.16 Mbps.

**Free Amazon Echo Plus offer is for all new Home Broadband customers if they take up Superfast 1 and Superfast 2, between the 10th July and 14th August 2019.

***Vodafone Together offer will be available later this summer.

About Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK is a technology communications company that connects people, businesses and devices to help our customers benefit from digital innovation. Our services span mobile, fixed-line connections, home and office broadband, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have a strong track record as a tech pioneer, making the UK’s first mobile phone call, sending the first text message, and making the UK’s first live holographic call using 5G in 2018. We were the first to start carrying live 5G traffic from a site in Salford, Greater Manchester and now have 5G in locations across Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain as well as the UK. Meanwhile, our 4G network coverage currently reaches over 99% of the UK population.

Today, Vodafone serves more than 18 million mobile and fixed-line customers in the UK. Vodafone is the largest provider of full fibre in the UK – our superfast broadband services are now available to nearly 12 million homes across the UK.

Sustainability is also at the heart of what we do: as of 1 July 2021, 100% of the grid electricity we use in the UK is certified to be from renewable sources.

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