Press Release | 27 Nov 2014


London North West Healthcare NHS Trust has chosen to work with Vodafone UK to implement a mobile working solution which will help its nurses spend more time in the community treating patients. The new system, which is powered by TotalMobile, has now been rolled out to 245 staff in the Brent, Ealing and Harrow community District Nursing teams and enables them to access all the information they need to do their jobs from a mobile device in the field.

The new system integrates with RiO, the Trust’s patient record system, to enable staff to access and update complete patient records from a tablet while they are with the patient. They can view all of their appointments for the day on the same device. Replacing a traditional paper-based process, Vodafone and TotalMobile’s technology ensures staff to have the information they need to make the best decisions for patients while out in the field, and is expected to significantly reduce the amount of time spent travelling ‘back to base’ to update records and access schedules.

In addition to enabling staff to spend more time with patients, the Trust expects the new system to deliver a number of other benefits including reduced clinical risk, increased accuracy of patient information and reduced time spent doing administrative tasks.

“Mobile working provides an opportunity to modernise and develop more streamlined services, making better use of valuable resources,” said Shelly Roberts, Project Manager – Mobile Working, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust. “Vodafone and TotalMobile have shown a good understanding of a District Nursing service and have been very responsive. The implementation of mobile working is long awaited by community services and it has been great to see the excitement across the service as the solution has been rolled out.”

District Nurse, Fiona Murray feeds back on her experience of using the solution since go-live on 13 October 2014: “This is a wonderful new way of working as now, before I arrive at a patient’s house, I have been able to read the patient’s notes and have all their details to hand, including how to contact their GP. In the past, I just had the patient name and details of care that I needed to provide. To be so informed before you meet a patient, really improves the care you can provide. The system also allows me to order equipment; I can discuss the patient’s needs with them and if equipment is required to make their home life easier, I can order it there and then.”

Richard Aspinall Head of Regional Public Sector for Vodafone UK, said: “Technology is enabling lots of organisations to transform the way they work, be more productive and give employees a better work-life balance. For London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, implementing mobile technology allows community nurses to be where they are needed most and gives them the tools to deliver the best service to their patients. Enabling staff to access whatever they need, wherever and whenever they need it can make all the difference – increasing productivity by freeing peoples’ time to do more, better.”

Colin Reid, CEO, TotalMobile said: “The main challenge experienced by Healthcare providers is maximising the amount of time being spent delivering care to patients. Between the need to re-key information into record systems and lengthy trips to and from the office, large portions of the day are spent not delivering care. Because of this, more and more Healthcare providers are looking towards mobile working technology, to deliver more time to care and undertake more patient visits every day. We’re pleased to be working with Vodafone to offer the TotalMobile solution to London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, and excited to see the range of benefits they will experience from using the platform.”

Notes to editors:

Vodafone works collaboratively with organisations such as TotalMobile to deliver services to public sector and business customers where there is a benefit to our customers’ service experience. This approach is fully supportive of Government’s agenda to offer greater and easier access for SMEs to public sector contracts and enables the public sector to benefit from new and innovative services.

About London North West Healthcare NHS Trust:
London North West Healthcare NHS Trust was formed on 1 October 2014 and delivers acute and community services in the Boroughs of Brent, Ealing and Harrow.

About TotalMobile:
Founded in 1985, Belfast headquartered TotalMobile Ltd is recognised as the international mobile expert. With a wealth of industry experience, including more than 130 UK based professionals, it offers innovative software solutions that revolutionise the way in which national and local governments as well as private firms work.

TotalMobile has invested millions in research and development, to create the TotalMobile for Healthcare solution. It allows healthcare providers to save money while doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals have more time to spend with patients, enabling users to improve patient safety and care quality via a simple native app, on all mobile devices and platforms. For more information please visit

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