Press Release | 12 Jun 2014


  • Vodafone ultrafast 4G starting to rollout in Belfast over the summer
  • New Vodafone store arrives in Enniskillen by the end of June
  • Part of Vodafone’s ongoing commitment to network and services in Northern Ireland

Vodafone UK has unveiled plans to start rolling out its ultrafast 4G services to Belfast this summer. The news comes as the company also announces it will adding to its 12 stores in Northern Ireland by opening a new store in Enniskillen by the end of June.

Vodafone’s 4G coverage will help more than 280,000 residents of Belfast and the thousands of visitors the city receives each year stay in touch with friends and family and give them a choice of fantastic sports or music as well as better access to local services.

The arrival of 4G will also help the more than 12,000 businesses across Belfast by helping people work where they want to, when they want to. Local businesses will also be able to react faster to the needs of customers and introduce remote working practices for staff which can help reduce costs and increase productivity.

Almost nine out of ten business leaders (86%) believe 4G will increase their productivity by providing a genuine ‘in- office’ experience wherever they are, according to research by Vodafone.* The need for the download speeds which can be delivered by Vodafone 4G was also mentioned in the 2013 Belfast Business Survey in which two thirds (66%) of businesses reported high download speeds are critical/essential to the operation of their business. This rose to 80% among businesses operating within the creative industry sector.

In the last few months, Vodafone has expanded its ultrafast 4G coverage to 239 larger cities, towns and districts as wellasthousandsofsmallercommunitiesacrosstheUK. Aspartof£1billionitisspendingonitsUKnetworkand services this year, as part of its commitment to reach 98% of the population using 3G or 4G over the next few years.

New store for Enniskillen
Vodafone is also opening a new store in Enniskillen. Located in the Erneside Shopping Centre, the store opens with a brand new look, bringing consumer and small business customers closer than ever to the best in mobile and innovative in-store customer training, meaning the in-store team will then be able to help set up phones or tablets and troubleshoot, as well as transferring over contacts and photos, so customers can leave the store, ready to go. Customers will also be able to click and collect, using the store as the place to pick up online purchases.

Arlene Foster, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment commented: “This announcement from Vodafone is excellent news for the local economy, providing businesses with more alternatives for conducting transactions online no matter where they are and offering consumers more choice by adding further competition to the mobile market. I look forward to hearing more from Vodafone as their roll-out across Northern Ireland continues.

Arlene Foster added: “The launch of the new store in Enniskillen and the jobs that it will bring is also a very welcome development and I wish Vodafone every success in this new venture.

Fergal Kelly, CTO, Vodafone UK commented: “Mobile connectivity plays a vital role in keeping communities in touch and helping to support the local economy. Our network improvements will ensure thousands of businesses in Belfast will have a better opportunity to take part in the growing smartphone revolution, whether they are work, at home or on holiday.

Your choice of 4G entertainment
Vodafone ultrafast 4G brings entertainment content to life whether at home or on the go, offering music and sports with choice of access to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. That’s more than 20 million tracks from the world’s best known streaming music provider or the best in live action football as well as tennis, cricket, golf and rugby.

The choice of great entertainment comes on top of Vodafone Data Test Drive** for the first three months, double Vodafone’s standard data allowances and an additional 1GB of data each month for the length of the contract, plus unlimited calls and texts. Business customers meanwhile can enjoy the flexibility of Vodafone’s free data sharing SIM included in their 4G Red plans. Their 4G plans have also been boosted with an extra 1GB of data for the length of the customer’s contract.


  • *Vodafone research showing that 86% of businesses believe that 4G will increase their productivity was conducted with 554 organizational leaders across UK PLC and is available at
  •  **Vodafone Data Test Drive – use as much UK data as you want for three months when you choose a Pay monthly or 12-month SIM only plan. For more information visit
  • Definition of ultrafast 4G coverage rollout: Live in 119 locations with population of over 10,000, and starting to rollout in 120 locations with a population of over 10,000. Ultrafast 4G is also live in thousands of locations with population of under 10,000.
  • For a list of cities, towns and districts visit
  • Customers can check Vodafone’s current and planned coverage at
  • Coverage predictions are based on an assumption that Vodafone can obtain planning permission to build sites, access to land or buildings to place equipment and backhaul to connect sites.
  • Number of businesses in the areas comes from the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) published by the Office of National Statistics (12 March 2013)
  • Population figures
  •  Vodafone 4G is typically 6 times faster than our 3G. Speeds vary and depend on coverage and demand. For more information visit
  • If you would like 4G devices for review, please contact Eve Lacey at Ideas Network on 020 7351 4719 or email
  • Vodafone is committed to closing the digital divide and alongside coverage improvements it is the only UK operator to supply consumers with an in-home coverage solution. Vodafone Sure Signal provides indoor Vodafone 3G coverage to anyone with a basic fixed broadband connection. For more information visit Vodafone is also working with 12 rural communities to improve 3G coverage through Vodafone Open Sure Signal. For more information visit

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