Press Release | 02 May 2014


  • Consumer and business customers on Vodafone Red 4G plans can now benefit from ultrafast 4G when travelling to Italy, Spain and Portugal following launch in Greece in March
  • Customers who opt into Vodafone EuroTraveller are now able to take their UK minutes, texts and data with them to anywhere in our Europe Zone for the reduced cost of £2 a day until the end of August

Vodafone UK 4G customers, including business travellers, will now be able to take advantage of 4G when using their smartphones and tablets in parts of Europe. 4G customers with compatible devices travelling to Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal will for the first time be able to enjoy ultrafast 4G on Vodafone’s own networks in these countries.

What’s more, any Pay monthly customer, whether on 4G or not, who opts in to Vodafone EuroTraveller* can now take their existing UK voice minutes, texts and data, when they are travelling anywhere in our Europe Zone, for just £2 a day including VAT until the end of August**. This means, anyone on a Vodafone Red 4G plan and signed up for Vodafone EuroTraveller will now be able to download maps, catch up on Twitter, search for the best local restaurants or download their business presentations on ultrafast 4G using their generous UK data allowance in these four countries.

All Vodafone Red price plans come with UK unlimited calls and texts so customers with Vodafone EuroTraveller travelling in our Europe Zone are able to call or text home, free from the worry of unexpected bills. With Vodafone EuroTraveller, calls received whilst travelling in our Europe Zone are free and customers only pay for the days they use their mobile in these countries. For example, a customer on a Vodafone Red 4G price plan who has opted into Vodafone EuroTraveller will be able to use their unlimited UK minutes and texts plus their 3GB data allowance of ultrafast 4G in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain for an extra £2 a day.

For further information on using Vodafone when travelling abroad visit

Notes to editors

  • *Vodafone EuroTraveller is available in 40 destinations. For a full list visit
  • **Terms apply. £2 offer ends 31 Aug 2014. Pay monthly and small business plans only. For use in our EuropeZone. More info at
  • Vodafone 4G speeds may vary due to coverage and demand
  • Customers who choose not to opt into Vodafone EuroTraveller will be charged Europe Zone rates:

    Europe Zone Rates

    Making calls

    Receiving calls

    Sending texts

    Using the internet – mobile phone

    Using the internet – tablet, dongle or mobile wifi

    Pay monthly

    24.5p per minute

    7.1p per minute

    8.1p per text

    45.9p per MB

    45.9p per MB

    Business customers on standard price plans (excl VAT)

    20.42p per minute

    5.95p per minute

    6.8p per text

    38.29p per MB




  • Customers on standard Europe Zone rates are automatically opted in to monthly internet spending limits of £42.50. Vodafone sends free text messages to let them know much of their monthly allowances they have used. Once they have reached their limit, they will not be able to use internet abroad for the rest of the monthly billing period, unless they choose to opt out. Customers who have opted into Vodafone EuroTraveller are not affected by the spending limit as Vodafone EuroTraveller allows customers to take their UK minutes, texts and data to Vodafone’s Europe Zone.

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