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Entertainment | 13 Mar 2023

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video in March 2023

To mark International Women’s Week 2023, we salute some of the best women-fronted films available on Amazon’s streaming video service.

There are many talented women in the world of film, but it’s easy to overlook their work – especially their less flashy, more character-driven efforts – when the latest big-name blockbusters are vying for your attention. Coinciding with International Women’s Week 2023, we draw your eyes to some of the best movies starring women available on Amazon Prime Video.

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No matter what you think of the Royal Family in general, it’s worth sparing a couple of hours for this partly fictionalised account of one Christmas in the life of the late Princess Diana. Kirsten Stewart, (in)famous for her role in the Twilight Saga, delivers an emotional, powerfully evocative and nuanced performance as the former Princess of Wales.


For a portrayal of a famous woman that combines emotional drama with lyrical, toe-tapping set-pieces, try Respect. This biopic charts the rise of soul legend Aretha Franklin, with a focus on the many personal traumas she had to overcome along the way. Although not a perfect film, Jennifer Hudson’s performance as Aretha commands absolute respect.

Gone Girl

We’ve recommended this riveting David Fincher-directed thriller before. It’s available on Prime Video once again, so now’s the time to enjoy it if you haven’t already done so. We can’t say too much about Rosamund Pike’s performance without giving the plot away, but we challenge you not to be impressed by her deftly dramatic stagecraft.


Sandra Bullock is perhaps best known for starring in lightweight romantic comedies, which is unfair given her performances in films such as Gravity. While this flick is best known for its nerve-shredding tension and the verisimilitude in the way it depicts space travel, Bullock’s nuanced performance deserves just as many plaudits. Displaying determination, panic, fear and stoic wisdom – often within the same few seconds or minutes – Bullock was deservedly showered with awards and nominations.


Room isn’t light-hearted viewing, but if you come away from watching it with dry eyes then you’re made of far sterner stuff than us. Brie Larson delivers a masterclass in acting as a young woman held against her will in a small room, giving birth to, and then raising, her son within its walls – and then masterminding their escape.

Finding Vivian Maier

Photographic brilliance can come from the most unexpected of places. Vivian Maier’s work as a photographer was unknown in her lifetime, as she snapped away whenever she could while also working as a nanny from the 1950s onwards.

But her work, especially as a street photographer, is now deeply admired among professional shooters. This documentary not only examines her life and work, but cleverly weaves in interviews with her now-grown juvenile charges.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

No, seriously! No matter when you think of Sacha Baron Cohen and his Kazakh- and American-baiting comic creation, this sequel made a star out of Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova. Her turn as Borat’s daughter – including the infamous headline-grabbing scenes with an unwitting Rudy Giuliani – show off her comic chops to glorious effect.

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