An improved Vodafone experience

We’re making some changes behind the scenes to improve your experience with us.

  • Changes to Direct Debit

    Changes to your Direct Debit reference number

    We’re currently updating our systems, and this means that you’ll receive a new Direct Debit reference number. This is the number that your bank and Vodafone use to match your Direct Debit to your Vodafone account. The updates and the new reference number won’t affect your payments, nor will the description on your bank statement change.

    You may also receive a text message from your own bank to confirm these changes. There are no other changes to any aspect of your Vodafone account, so you won’t need to take any further action.

    Your online security and safety is important to us. We’ll never ask you for your bank password or your online bank security information. Make sure you protect your bank details and passwords. When we contact you, or you contact us, we’ll only ask you for your Vodafone account security details.

    Will the name of my Direct Debit change?

    No, your bank statement will still say ‘Vodafone’. The picture shows how your online bank statement may look before and after our update.

    In the example, the Direct Debit said Vodafone Limited in August. In September, after we made the change, your Direct Debit will remain the same, still paying Vodafone Limited.

    Updated statement

    I have two Direct Debits. Are they both active?

    No, only the most recent Direct Debit is active. If you look at the payee details on your bank account, you’ll see two Direct Debits with two different reference numbers. We’ll only collect payment using the new, most current Direct Debit.

    You can delete the old Direct Debit, if your bank has this capability. Simply choose the Direct Debit with the oldest ‘Last requested date’ and follow the instructions. In most cases, your bank will delete a Direct Debit after six months if it hasn’t been used during that time.

    In the example, you paid your bill in August using the old Direct Debit reference 30009405M. From September and for all future payments, the new reference number 689293064-0001 will be used – this is your account number and can be found at the top of your bill.

    Bank account image

    How do I know if this change affects me?

    In your list of active Direct Debits, you might see two Direct Debits to Vodafone but with different reference numbers. After six months, the old Direct Debit should disappear from this list automatically.

    Do I need to inform my bank?

    No. We’ll let your bank know about the new Direct Debit reference number when we update our systems.

    Do I need to set up a new Direct Debit?

    No. As you’ve agreed to pay by Direct Debit, this won’t change. We’ve simply updated our systems, which triggered the new Direct Debit reference.

    Where can I find out more about my Direct Debit?

    If you haven’t already done so, register for My Vodafone. Once you’re logged in, you can see and change your existing Direct Debit.

  • An improved billing experience

    New and improved bill layout

    We’ve improved the look and feel of your bill so that it’s easier to find the information you need.

    Your bill and payment dates

    Your bill will now be available up to four days earlier than before, with no changes to the actual payment date. So you’ll have more time to check your bill before we take payment.

  • A better online and app experience with My Vodafone

    We’ve improved the online My Vodafone experience, with better visibility and control of your account when it suits you. So you can see more and do more online, reducing the need to contact our customer services team.

    With My Vodafone, you can now:

    • Manage permissions and preferences for all the users on your account
    • Check your eligibility for an upgrade and add additional lines
    • Get a real-time view of your data usage
    • Manage your products and services
    • Manage your Direct Debits and other payment methods

    We’ve also improved our online account security. When you log in now, after you’ve entered your username and password, we’ll send a four-digit code to a number on your account, which you’ll need to verify. You can choose which of your numbers the code is sent to, and if there’s anyone who logs in who doesn’t have a Vodafone mobile, you can set up an alternative contact number, which could be a landline.

    To take advantage of all these great new account features, head over to My Vodafone and either log in or register.

    Or use the My Vodafone app to easily manage your account – at home or on the go

    With the My Vodafone app, you can now:

    • Get a real-time view of your data usage
    • Add products and services, including caps
    • Download your bill
    • Pay your bill
    • Get help and support with our chat service

    If you have an Android device, you can download the My Vodafone app from the Google Play Store, or if you have iPhone or iPad, you can download it from the App Store

  • Our new voice recognition service

    Thanks to the latest voice recognition technology, you can get the support you need more quickly and easily than ever before. So when you call our 191 support number now, you’ll be prompted to simply tell us what you’re calling about, rather than choosing an option from your mobile keypad.

  • Online/BACs Bill Payment changes

    In most cases you’ll be on our new system, and you can tell this by looking at your latest invoice. If your invoice has a red and blue band at the top of the first page, you’re on our old billing system and we’ll move you soon.

    Paying using online banking or by BACs transfer

    Please use these details for payment:

    Sort code: 20-00-00

    Account number: 63831248

    Payee: Vodafone Ltd

    Address: Barclays Bank PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP

    Please use your Vodafone account number as your reference – you’ll find this on any bill.

    If you’re on our old billing system

    Check your latest invoice has a red and blue band across the first page, then you need to pay into our old bank account:

    Sort code: 20-00-00

    Account number: 30830208

    Payee: Vodafone Ltd

    Address: Barclays Bank PLC, 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP

    Please use your Vodafone account number as your reference – you’ll find this on any bill.