News | 29 Oct 2021

Council hopes to catch fly-tippers using Vodafone IoT-equipped smart cameras

The one-year trial sees Vodafone’s smart technology deployed to combat illegal dumping on London’s streets.

Sutton Council in south west London is trialling the use of Vodafone IoT (Internet of Things) technology to combat fly-tipping.

Internet-connected cameras will be deployed at various fly-tipping hotspots across the Borough for 12 months. The cameras won’t record continuously all the time, instead activating only when their artificial intelligence detects what its thinks is illegal dumping. Footage is then wirelessly transmitted to the cloud for review by Council officers, who can then decide whether or not to take further action.

Fly-tipping is a pressing issue, with 319 incidents reported in Sutton alone during 2020. The garbage is not only unsightly, but can also attract vermin and pests, such as rats and mice, as well as encourage other anti-social behaviour.

Nick Gliddon, Business Director at Vodafone, said: “Councils need low-cost, easy-to-deploy solutions like this if they’re going to crack problems like fly tipping. We are delighted to support Sutton council with our smart cameras and IoT network.”

Vodafone is working with local councils across the UK to tackle pressing problems using IoT technology, from bin collections in Newcastle to coastal erosion in Dorset. Vodafone has also led the way in innovative camera technology before, such as with heat detection and body-worn models.

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