News | 11 Jan 2024

IoT Breakthrough Awards lauds Vodafone smart meters upgrade

The company’s initiative with DCC to upgrade smart meters across Britain with 4G, helping households better manage their energy usage, has been recognised with a gong.

Vodafone’s initiative with the DCC (Data Communications Company) to connect smart meters across Britain with 4G has been recognised as the IoT Alliance of the Year by the 2024 IoT Breakthrough Awards.

The two companies have a 15-year agreement to build and operate dedicated 4G connectivity for smart meters across Britain. DCC’s network currently connects more than half of homes in Britain to energy suppliers.

By using smart meters, consumers can see how much energy they’re using and how much they’re paying for it. They can then choose to reduce their overall usage and bills or move their usage away from times of peak demand.

Vodafone, with its long track record in IoT (the Internet of Things) technology, is not only upgrading DCC’s network with 4G. It is also helping with the complex task of migrating meters from various sources onto the DCC network with minimal impact on customers.

logo for the IoT Alliance of the Year award from the 2024 IoT Breakthrough Awards

The IoT Breakthrough Awards analyses the IoT industry and recognises the ‘breakthrough’ innovators and leaders in a range of categories.

Angus Flett, DCC’s CEO, said: “Innovation is crucial in IoT and we’re thankful to IoT Breakthrough for recognising our work with Vodafone as a critical partner in the complex task of migrating meters onto our nationwide network, and in delivering a 4G solution which will provide services for many years to come.”

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