Features | 27 Jan 2020

‘Dive in the deep end and ask,’ advises VOXI Love Coach Ovie Soko

Ovie Soko, VOXI’s new brand ambassador, has been dishing out dating advice as he embarks on his new role as the Love Coach.

Known for his smooth chat and flirtatious charm on ITV’s wildly popular dating show, Love Island, Ovie has been diving into the nation’s dating dilemmas over the past week.

“In love, we know timing is everything,” he says, “and this week I’m going to be answering your questions on when and how to make the first move.”

For example, Ovie, the basketball-playing Romeo who coined the phrase “Message!” on Love Island, suggests that the best way to invite a girl out on a date is to “dive in the deep end and ask. Just got for it!”

To another lovesick hopeful wanting to know how to “keep calm during a first date”, Ovie suggests looking at the problem in a different way.

“Showing excitement is pretty attractive,” he says, “so I think the person you’re seeing will be happy to know that they’re wanted.”

But he blows the whistle on love-seekers trying to start conversations by “sliding into their DMs”. For the uninitiated, this means sending someone direct messages before you’ve even got to know them properly. That is a Love Coach no-no.

“The DMs is a dark place,” he says.

And he gives viewers tips on how to find out if someone likes you or not. The answer? “Just ask,” he says. “If you don’t take your shot you can’t make the shot. If you make it, great. You win the game. If you miss, don’t even worry about it. Keep your head in the game.”

Need some help from the Love Coach yourself?

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