Features | 14 Sep 2018

Helping UK business innovate to stay ahead

Author: Anne Sheehan, Enterprise Director, Vodafone UK

UK businesses have an incredible opportunity to innovate as we head towards a more connected future. At Vodafone UK, we’re working to help businesses of all sizes make the most of digital technologies that are transforming how we work. Whether it’s the Internet of Things (IoT), drones, superfast connectivity, connected communications, next generation networks or the development of 5G, we want to ensure our customers are equipped to succeed in a fast-moving world.

That’s why we’ve launched More than Mobile, a campaign to inform and inspire businesses seeking to innovate to stay ahead or chart new waters for their organisations. We’ll be sharing stories about how our customers are using digital technologies such as IoT and connected communications. We’ll also provide insight, resources and expertise on how to start, progress or evolve projects that take advantage of the latest digital technologies.

One of the stories we are sharing as part of the launch focuses on an innovation breakthrough for farming. Moocall, a Dublin-based company has a mission to introduce tech into agricultural life to improve production and efficiency of farming operations. Moocall uses IoT technologies to alert farmers when a calf is about to be born. A tail-mounted sensor uses Vodafone’s IoT network to send notifications to farmers.

Since its launch in early 2017, 250,000 calves in the UK and Ireland have been born safely using Moocall’s sensor. With Moocall, farmers can keep tabs on their herd and sleep soundly knowing that they’ll be woken up when a calf is ready to be born. It’s delivering peace of mind to farmers at a high-pressure time where it’s not unusual for them to be on high alert around the clock.

That’s not all. CareTech, a care provider with locations around the UK, is using unified communications to transform how their care team manages team communication and access to vital patient information, so that their staff has even more time to focus on the people they support.

There’s also Life’s Kitchen, a dynamic catering business that’s using connectivity to ensure they never miss an order. You can read more about them all here.

We’ll be sharing many more stories about our customers over the coming weeks and months, as well as publishing insightful resources to help businesses explore the digital market.

At Vodafone, we’re proud of our history as tech pioneers. We made the UK’s first mobile phone call and sent the world’s first text message. Today we’re working to build Gigabit UK, a nation where people and businesses enjoy ultra-fast connection speeds of 1 gigabit per second, low latency and more reliable network performance than ever. With our More than Mobile campaign, we aim to help businesses get ready to reap the rewards of a new generation of technology and applications.