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No matter the size of your business or your need, we can support you with our digital solutions. We can join up your mobile and fixed lines so you can work productively on the go, maximise your office efficiency with cloud solutions, and enhance your customers’ experience with IoT. Ultimately, we can transform your connectivity to help you catch every business opportunity.

Case study: Explore Transport video

Explore Transport need to track deliveries and be able to answer calls from different locations. Our Cloud and hosting service and Vodafone One Net give them the freedom to do it.

Case study: Emergency One video

Emergency One need to track and monitor their fire engines so they can make regular safety and efficiency checks. Our resilient IoT network allows them to stay connected remotely.

Case study: LLS Academy video

LLS staff need to be available to students, parents and each other while out in the field. Vodafone One Net Business provides a single shared number, so they never miss a call.

The solutions powering business performance

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Customers’ expectations are always growing, which is why we have a range of business solutions – to help you grow with them. Whether it’s joining up your mobile and fixed lines so you can work productively on the go or maximising your office efficiency with cloud solutions; helping you enhance your customer experience with IoT or deliver a smoother sales process with Superfast Broadband, our solutions are so much more than mobile. Using our reliable network, they connect you to what, and who matter.

Digital solutions to suit any business

What the most influential people in the industry say about our more than mobile solutions

David Cox, Co-founder and Managing Director of Explore Transport

Having all of those people joined up and communicating is absolutely key to running the business and enabling us to grow.

Jordan Wright, Co-founder and Director LLS

One Net Business gives us a lot of freedom. If there’s a late call, rather than staying in the office, we can go home and take that call. It’s allowed us to expand the business.

Elliott Boyce, Project Manager, Emergency One

We put a SIM into all our technology and Vodafone’s resilient network allows us to connect them and access them remotely. That is how a fire engine becomes a connected fire engine.

Discover the opportunities of tomorrow, today

With digitalisation demanding more from businesses, we’re helping you empower your people by giving them the chance to visit our Customer Experience Centre. We can share the latest insights, explore innovative capabilities and equip you with the smart technologies to make you a future-ready business.

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