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Vodafone Rapid for business

How it works

What would happen to your business if you didn't have your mobile phone for a couple of days? With Rapid, losing your phone doesn't mean losing customers. We'll deliver a new device in four hours – charged and ready to use. We'll even give you a new SIM, transfer your number, data and all your contacts.


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A promise you can rely on

A new phone with you in four hours (most UK locations) – or we give you £10 for every hour of delay*.

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No need to hang around

Nominate someone else to take delivery.

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Connected straight away

Your new device is charged and ready to use out the box.

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Making a claim is quick and easy

No forms to fill in, our adviser will arrange delivery.

Compare our different business insurance plans for phones and choose the best fit for your company’s needs.

What you are covered for Business Damage
& Breakdown Insurance
including Rapid
Business Standard Insurance
including Rapid

Accidental Damage





Mechanical Breakdown (out of warranty)

Unlimited Worldwide Cover

Vodafone Rapid (4-hour phone replacement service)

Authorised user cover

Up to £200 Accessories Cover

Tablet Cover

See tablet cover

See tablet cover

Excess Charge

or £50 for Apple devices


Monthly price per device



Find out about other insurance products from Vodafone.

Key information

Replacement devices can only be delivered to UK addresses. Your business must be based in the UK and have a UK postcode. The business account holder who has a contract with us must be over 18 years old.

You can take out insurance when you buy your new device, or at any time as long as your device is less than 18 months old and you have an active Vodafone Airtime Plan with a Device Plan. You’ll then be charged once a month and the minimum term is three months. You can cancel at any point in your contract – we just need 30 days’ notice. If you cancel before the three-month minimum period is up, you’ll need to pay premiums for the rest of the three-month term.

You can make up to three successful claims in a 12-month period, at which point your policy will be cancelled.

Find more information in the insurance terms and conditions

Case study: Forelock and Load video

Being in a rural location, Rapid Insurance is especially important. My phone is a vital tool in running the business and the fact that I had that replacement within four hours was absolutely essential. With Rapid Insurance, I’ve got reassurance that whenever anything unexpected happens, I’m covered.

Nick Johnston

Director, Forelock and Load

As a small business owner, you’ll know how vital your phone is to staying connected to your customers and organising your day. With Vodafone Rapid you’ll have the assurance that whatever happens to your phone – whether it’s lost, stolen or accidentally damaged – we’ll aim to put a replacement in your hand within four hours, wherever you are in the UK.**

Vodafone Rapid - Forelock & Load

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*Up to a maximum of £40
**A small number of locations and venues aren't eligible for 4-hour delivery. You can find more information, along with details of our daily cut-off and opening times in our terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my replacement phone be the same as my current phone?

Where in the UK can’t you provide the 4-hour replacement?

How do I make a claim for Damage insurance, Standard insurance or the Rapid service?

When does the 4-hour delivery time begin?

What if my phone doesn’t arrive within 4 hours?

Do I need to receive the replacement phone in person?

What if I need the phone to be delivered to another address?

Legal information

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