iPad Pro. Thinpossible.

Save £72 (exc. 20% VAT) on 100GB data plans when you buy the new iPad Pro as an existing customer. Terms apply*.

Apple Pencil Pro sold separately. 

5G tablets for business

Enjoy the power and speed of 5G with a tablet that lets you make the most of every business opportunity, in or out of the office.

Want to pay less each month? Get our lowest monthly price when you choose a 36-month plan that spreads the cost.

Free Device Support app

Included with 36-month plans, get instant access to expert technical support for your devices, plus 100GB of secure cloud storage with our Device Support app

Why your business needs 5G

Your business at top speed

Get office WiFi speeds on the go, so your business can move up to 10 times faster than it does on 4G.

Enable innovation

Become a smarter, more responsive data-driven business, able to innovate and better prepare for the future.

Real-time results

Get real-time visibility into what’s going on in your business, so you can monitor and optimise things as they happen.

Where can I get 5G?

We’re constantly expanding our 5G network to cover as much of the country as possible.

Check if 5G is in your area

Roam abroad on 5G

We’re the first mobile network to offer 5G roaming, and we’re continuing to expand across Europe.

See where you can get 5G abroad

To use 5G you need a 5G-ready device with the downloaded 5G software, a 5G plan and 5G coverage in the area you’re in. Coverage may be affected by a number of factors. Find out more about Vodafone 5G

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Frequently asked questions

Finding the best tablet for business use depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as processing power, storage capacity, screen size, battery life, and support for business applications. We have a wide range of business tablets to meet different business requirements.

Yes, multiple office tasks can be performed on a tablet. With productivity applications and software packages, tablets allow you to manage email, create and edit documents, make presentations, and collaborate with colleagues. Many tablets also support external accessories such as keyboards and stylus pens, further increasing their usefulness for office work.

They offer portability, ease of use and access to a wide range of productivity applications, giving workers instant access to information and data. This mobility can increase productivity and reduce downtime by allowing workers to perform tasks without leaving their workstations.

Tablets can also help with tasks like email management, document editing, presentations, and remote collaboration. They’re undoubtedly a practical solution for professionals who need to work on the go.

There are a wide range of tablets suitable for small business owners. Consider factors such as affordability, performance and compatibility with business applications. Look for tablets that offer seamless integration with productivity tools, have sufficient storage capacity and deliver reliable performance to meet the demands of your business.

The choice between a tablet and a laptop for the office depends on your specific needs. Tablets offer portability, touch screens and a wide range of productivity applications. Business laptops tend to offer more processing power, larger screens and physical keyboards. Consider your workflow and preferences when deciding which device best suits your office needs.

A SIM card tablet refers to a tablet device that has a slot for inserting a SIM card, similar to a mobile phone, or a tablet that support eSIM, a digital version of the physical SIM card. This allows the tablet to connect to mobile networks and access data, enabling internet connectivity even when Wi-Fi networks are unavailable.

With a SIM card tablet, you can stay connected while on the go, access online resources, and communicate via email, messaging apps, or video conferencing. It provides flexibility and mobility, making it an excellent choice for professionals who require constant connectivity outside Wi-Fi zones.

*Saving claims verification: see details on product page.