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Advancing digital healthcare through virtual surgery

Pressing ahead on our Centre for Health with Deloitte initiative, we’ve partnered with health technology platform Proximie to take virtual care to the next level by digitising operating rooms and theatres so clinicians and surgeons can collaborate remotely and in real time.

How to make your business 'fit for the future'

With the world evolving rapidly, a study led by the London School of Economics offers insight into ways you can maximise your company’s potential through embracing fundamental changes.

Vodafone Business UC: It has a Ring to it

Vodafone Business and RingCentral have joined forces to help businesses adapt to the new way of working after the world’s fastest work transformation in history.

How to create a new ‘office’ culture in a remote workforce

Business leaders planning on going fully remote or hybrid should consider how to maintain a healthy workplace culture without a tangible place.

Top tips to thrive in a modern workplace

Many UK workers experienced loneliness during the mandated periods of home working. This shows the need of finding the right balance of flexibility.

How to prepare your business for the BT switch-off

Cloud technology and digital transformation are now a necessity and any businesses relying on ISDN/PSTN lines should review their communications infrastructure.

The ‘polo mint’ effect: a breath of fresh air for small businesses

As businesses move to the outskirts of cities, our business connectivity solutions are helping them maintain strong, secure connections.

Hackers & Secure Business Connections

We explore how hackers are targeting businesses and how our secure business connectivity solutions can help protect your business.

Solving remote working connection issues

Many businesses are looking to bridge the “Last Mile” to remote working, solving connectivity issues and ensuring a stable connection at home and work.

Our best ever network

We’re fast, reliable, and innovating all the time – so you can benefit from our best ever 4G network and a growing 5G network too.

So much more than mobile

We have the tools to help you succeed. We’ll help you get up to speed with Business Broadband, transform your business with the Internet of Things and more.

Leading industry expertise

With decades of experience working in both the private and public sectors, we can help you tackle the specific challenges facing your industry.


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