Connected Education

Unlocking potential in the classroom and beyond

More learning, fewer barriers

Connected Education offers the technology, connectivity and support to inspire educators, helping them to start taking simple steps forward in improving learning experiences with technology. It makes learning more accessible for all with additional flexibility, tailored learning aids and more.

Connected students and teachers

Educational establishments connected

Countries using Connected Education

What is Connected Education?

Vodafone Connected Education provides access to curriculum-aligned content and powerful digital learning resources. It enables educators to harness the power of interactive formats that can make every lesson more engaging for every student, no matter their learning style.

Connected Education helps you to unlock everyone’s potential in the classroom, while making progress feel easy. It’s all about making small improvements to classroom technology that help educators to create productive learning experiences.

Help students achieve more

with tools that help you create more engaging lessons.

Spend more time teaching

with the support of flexible tech and easily integrated resources.

Create tailored experiences

with tools that can guide students through their learning.

Keep teams and students safe

with connectivity and security designed with safety in mind.

Paving the way for digital solutions

Build a virtual learning environment where students and educators can meet, share materials and interact, using collaboration software that enables them to learn or teach wherever they are and whatever their device.

Featured products and services

Encourage students, energise teachers and start building towards the future in a way that works right now.

Campus WiFi

Campus WiFi is a high-speed network solution designed for your school, college or university campus.

The solution uses Vodafone internet and is boosted by Cisco Meraki WiFi access points that are placed across campus – so your signal stays strong as you move between buildings. Cisco makes managing the network simple too, via an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Secure cloud solutions

Help to protect students and educators from malicious content or attacks with our security solutions.

Powered by Trend Micro, Vodafone offers a cloud-based, set-and-forget solution with comprehensive protection for your organisation’s endpoints and mobile devices.

Providing international access to digital education

Investing in children’s education is vital to ensure they are equipped for a better future. Our Connected Education solution brings digital learning to the classroom, wherever the classroom is based, across the globe. We combine connectivity, devices, curriculum-based content and cloud storage into a ready made digital classroom environment ready for both students and teachers to use.

“Digital educational platforms should provide engaging and interactive teaching experiences, while also being easy to use. I’m excited to see how Vodafone will help transform our in-class experience for both pupils and teachers.”

Why Vodafone Business?

At Vodafone, we understand the complexity educators are facing; that’s why we’re making it as easy as possible for you to realise the benefits of EdTech investments.

Established EdTech partners

Connected Education is being used in 5000 establishments across 13 countries including Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.

Global experience, local benefits

We are the world’s largest telecommunications company, delivering services across the globe, so we have a good understanding of how to tackle evolving education challenges.

Leading networks and platforms

We have a state of the art worldwide communications network – we’ve invested €23bn over two years to create a network that adapts and scales to your needs.

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