Teaching & Exams

Vodafone for Teaching and Exams has everything you need to rethink education, while keeping your courses on track.

We’re here to help you adapt and grow exam centres and remote learning, with technology that’s innovative, simple and secure.

Education leaders and exam centre managers can now tackle the recent disruption and support teachers and learners across the new education lifecycle by:

  • Providing digital access to learning and examinations with a wide spectrum of tools, like secure video conferencing.

  • Prioritising safety with equipment that can help you take the necessary precautions needed every step of the way.

  • Keeping in touch with students, educators, parents and staff with innovative engagement tools and a reliable connection.

    We have everything you need to build your Elastic Classroom.

The pandemic has demanded greater flexibility from the education sector, calling on education professionals to reimagine traditional teaching and testing methods – and spaces – using digitalisation.

For some, outdated IT has lacked the capacity and speed to keep up with demands, while tight budgets have hampered procurement.

“65 countries had to postpone, reschedule or completely cancel exams due to the pandemic.”

Vodafone is committed to bringing quality education to everyone. We can connect you with powerful solutions that meet the needs of all learners, from anywhere. You can remove barriers to access, connectivity and innovation, enabling every colleague and student to adapt and thrive within this new environment.

  • Look beyond the physical constraints of the classroom.

  • Deliver virtual classroom experiences and responsive learning environments.

  • Connect learners and teachers from all over the world.

  • Protect students, teachers and support staff.

  • Ensure digital and physical exam centres are adaptable, inclusive, safe and secure.

Ready to rethink education?

“A trusted partner, from enrolment to exam.”

Why Vodafone for Teaching & Exams?

  • Solutions for the entire learner lifecycle.

  • Leading technology provider.

  • World leader in network connectivity and end-user experiences.

  • One global contact covering all your support needs.

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