The Internet of Things for business

No matter your industry, IoT solutions from Vodafone Business can transform your business operations and processes.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting technologies in the market. It’s a network of things such as household appliances or industrial tools connected through the internet. They have sensors, software and other technologies that allow them to exchange data with other devices and systems, and range from basic items like trackers for your keys, to complex measurement and monitoring technology.

Businesses can particularly benefit from using IoT to connect machines, systems and devices in order to collect, monitor and analyse data more closely. Being connected through IoT devices can not only create a powerful customer experience but also helps businesses design better products and improve efficiency and sustainability.

Watch Vodafone Business IoT Director Erik Brenneis explain how IoT can help businesses innovate.

How the Internet of Things transforms businesses

IoT provides valuable insights into everyday business operations.

IoT helps businesses understand where they can save costs and maintain the right resources.

IoT helps optimise supply chains and improve quality control.

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