City Vision for business

Smarter city surveillance from Vodafone Business.

Keep public spaces safe with City Vision

Our City Vision solution makes public spaces safer with high-res footage, whatever the conditions. By adding a layer of intelligence to your existing cameras, it turns them into smart IoT devices that can support you with greater detail.  

Our market-leading network enables you to not only record footage, but live stream when necessary. It allows for remote viewing and analysis, so you can make more informed decisions as and when you need them. 

City Vision can help your business with:

Public safety

Monitor crowds and detect intrusions with live surveillance that aids faster responses.

Visibility in urban environments

Increase passenger safety at transport hubs with surveillance that gives you more data.

Efficiency in operations

Reduce the security resources needed at any one time and have a clear view of a situation as they unfold.

Smart Vision Enhanced

City Vision is a robust IoT security solution, but if you have more bespoke requirements for the management of your solution, or the storage of your data, we also offer Smart Vision Enhanced. 

Your data never leaves the UK, and your solution is managed 24/7 by UK-based staff.

Your IoT security solution is run with military-grade technology and processes.

You have access to a secure helpdesk and site visits from experienced cyber security professionals.

Key features

Reliable video streaming

Even when bandwidth is congested

Remotely retrieved and archived footage

Even when streaming live

Minimum delays

For easy central archiving of footage

Multiple viewers enabled

Simultaneous access without crowding the network

Streaming on a range of networks

From 2G to 4G, while other IoT devices rely on 4G and 5G only

Quick recovery

From reduced bandwidth availability or data loss, with a typical recovery time of just one second

Secure video streaming

With reduced risk of cyberattacks and the ability to rapidly disable devices when required

High-resolution detail

Available even at low bandwidth and while live streaming

Who is City Vision for?

These IoT security solutions have been used in some of the most challenging environments, including:

Emergency services

e.g. fire or police services

Community support

e.g. councils


e.g. manufacturing, facilities management

Transportation organisations

e.g. rail services

Events organisations

e.g. large industry events and conferences

Monitoring public spaces

e.g. local government, shopping centres

Customer FAQs

You’re able to run City Vision cameras using a standard data SIM without the need for fixed IP addresses.

City Vision acts as an encoder that you can plug into any existing cameras and infrastructure. The SIM card sits within the encoder and works with any network as a mobile device would – making setup easy and low maintenance.

City Vision works on any network from 2G to 4G. The video recording will be compressed to the available bandwidth without affecting quality and can be played back in HD when uncompressed.

Instead of moving data to the cloud, we analyse information at the edge for real-time observation. A unique encoder enables the data to be compressed without losing video quality.

Yes, streaming can be manually switched on by simply pushing a button when needed.

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