Google Pixel 8 – Save £450

Save £90 on your phone and £360 on your airtime (exc. 20% VAT) with 36-month Phone and 8GB Airtime Plans. Ends 30 May.

Airtime price will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in Jan that year + 3.9% terms apply*

Get more out of your day with Google

Google’s phones are designed for busy people. Use Google assistant to organise your day, book a flight, stay undisturbed during meetings, see what your competitors are up to and more.

Use the camera to snap the scenery on a business trip – or capture notes from a whiteboard and share to the team. And with fast charging and long battery life, you won’t be tied to your desk all day.

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Frequently asked questions

Google Pixel phones are great business phones. They offer seamless integration with Google's productivity tools, advanced camera capabilities, and enhanced security features. Google Pixel devices are a reliable and efficient platform for professionals, providing a pure Android experience, timely software updates, and access to a range of business apps. This makes them a powerful tool for productivity, collaboration, and communication.

Google Pixel phones offer competitive pricing for businesses due to several reasons. One key factor is the focus on the pure Android experience, which allows for efficient software optimisation and cost savings. Additionally, Google Pixel phones may come with special business deals, promotions, or contract options from Vodafone, enabling businesses to access cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or functionality. These pricing advantages make Google Pixel phones, including Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel Fold, an attractive choice for businesses looking for affordability without sacrificing essential features and performance.

Google Pixel phones offer several advantages for businesses:

  • Seamless Integration: Google Pixel devices seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and other Google services, enabling smooth collaboration and document sharing.

  • Advanced Camera Capabilities: The high-quality camera systems on Google Pixel phones, combined with Google's computational photography technology, allow businesses to capture professional-grade photos and videos for marketing materials, product showcases, and social media content.

  • Timely Software Updates: Google Pixel devices receive prompt software updates directly from Google, ensuring businesses have access to the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements.

  • Enhanced Security Features: Google Pixel devices prioritise security, providing built-in protection against threats and regular security updates, safeguarding sensitive business information.

  • Pure Android Experience: Google Pixel offers a streamlined interface with a pure Android experience, free from unnecessary bloatware, allowing businesses to focus on essential apps and features without distractions.

Google Pixel phones prioritise security, providing built-in protection against threats and regular security updates. Google's expertise in data protection and encryption ensures that sensitive business information is safeguarded. Additionally, Google Pixel devices benefit from timely software updates directly from Google, ensuring businesses have access to the latest security patches and features. With robust security measures in place, Google Pixel offers a secure platform for businesses to handle sensitive data, communications, and applications.

The Google Pixel 8 offers a range of features and capabilities that make it a valuable choice for businesses. With its seamless integration with Google services, advanced camera system, and reliable performance, the Google Pixel 8 Pro empowers professionals to enhance productivity, capture stunning visuals, and stay connected. It offers a cost-effective option without compromising on essential features, making it a worthwhile investment for business users.

*Google Pixel 8 offer terms:
Saving based on a 36-month Phone and 8GB Xtra Airtime Plan with two benefits. Sole traders only, all prices exc. 20% VAT. Eligibility, checks, 25GB roam fair use and terms apply. For terms, see Finance subject to status and credit checks. 18+. Direct debit required. Credit provided by Vodafone Limited, FCA Number: 712210, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN.

**Based on third-party global research firm. Evaluation considered features that may not be available in all countries. See for more information.