Software Defined Networking

The next big technology shift is here. Whether you’re new to Software Defined Networking (SDN) or keen to get started, you’re in the right place.

A network built for digital, cloud-first businesses like yours 

SDN is the much-needed answer to the problems posed by complex and expensive networking environments. With SDN, the network is configured centrally - changes can be automated and made quickly, in response to new business and application demands. 

What is Software Defined Networking?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the long-awaited answer to the problems posed by complex and costly networking environments.

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Five steps to Software Defined Networking success with our All-in-One Network

Our five-step approach gives you maximum benefit with minimum hassle.

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Software Defined Wide Area Network

SD-WAN is a single, centralised network solution for easy set-up and simple management.

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Secure Access Service Edge

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides secure, agile, integrated connectivity for users accessing their applications and data in the cloud.

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Visibility and control

SDN gives you a single, real-time view and centralised control of your whole network. See where the demand is and solve issues before they occur.


The virtual network environment makes it easier to update your security rules and react more quickly to threats, across all sites, devices and the cloud.


SDN saves you money on two counts. It costs less to manage, thanks to greater user control, and lets you choose the cheapest available route for your data.


SDN lets you respond rapidly to business and application needs. You can add or remove bandwidth and capabilities to your network according to demand.

Manage your multiple-site business and complex network needs with SD-WAN 

With so much complexity in business networks, Vodafone can be your experienced provider that can handle it all.  

Supercharge your transformation by combining SDN connectivity with Cloud and Security 

Make the most out of ‘the great cloud migration’ - review your underlying connectivity, improve network performance and balance this with security.

Find out how Vodafone’s experience, scale and investment in cloud, security and connectivity can help businesses in Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail to join the dots. 


Keep production running with as little disturbance as possible and maximise output by using data insights. 

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Financial services

Protect sensitive financial data across all customer touch points, reducing the risk of cyber attacks. 

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Keep patient data secure and make it easy for healthcare professionals to access key information seamlessly. 

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Boost customer confidence in your data security, satisfying compliance requirements as well providing peace of mind. 

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All-in-One Network explained  

Learn about our All-in-One Network from Vodafone and see how you can capitalise on everything SDN has to offer.  

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Book an innovation session with us to help you make the transition. Where’s your industry heading to and how will your business look in the next decade? What will you do to keep pace? Our experts have the answers.  

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