Enjoy more of what you love with VeryMe Rewards

Find VeryMe Rewards in the My Vodafone app to claim your exclusive rewards every week.

VeryMe Rewards is our loyalty programme, packed with discounts and giveaways for you and your small business

Be in with a chance to win prizes, from gift cards to holidays, and claim discounts on your favourite brands.

From money off business coaching to discounts on your morning coffee, our exclusive offers are updated every week, so there’s always something new for you to discover.

Don’t worry if you haven’t used VeryMe Rewards yet - if you’re a small business customer with 1-9 employees, simply download the My Vodafone app now to unlock a whole new world of rewards.

Grow your business with rewards from your favourite brands

Make every Friday #FeelgoodFriday

Start your weekend early with an exclusive #FeelgoodFriday treat. From tasty treats to seasonal gifts, each week you’re sure to find something to brighten your day.

Share your #VeryMeRewards

Find VeryMe Rewards on the home screen of your My Vodafone app, and don’t forget to share your rewards on social media with #VeryMeRewards and @VodafoneUK.

Frequently asked questions

You can access VeryMe Rewards through the My Vodafone app. Simply open the app and you’ll see VeryMe Rewards on the homescreen.

To enjoy VeryMe Rewards, you’ll need to be either:

  • A Pay monthly customer

  • ​A Pay as you go customer who tops up at least £10 every six weeks

  • A Business customer with one to nine employees

VeryMe Rewards is Vodafone’s loyalty programme, offering a wide selection of offers, giveaways and prize draws. You can find it in the My Vodafone app

You’ll get discounts, prize draws and even free giveaways from some of Britain’s best-loved brands. We update the rewards week in, week out so there’s always a great selection of offers.

Unfortunately, not at the moment. We’re currently only offering access to VeryMe Rewards through the My Vodafone app.

We use your data to help personalise your rewards and to give you the ones we think you’ll love – we’ll never share your information with anyone else.

When you first sign up to VeryMe Rewards, we’ll ask you what you like – what you tell us will help us choose which rewards to give you. The more you use VeryMe Rewards, the more personalised it becomes.

For full details of how Vodafone uses your data, please read our privacy policy

You can change your permission settings using the My Vodafone app, or by logging into My Vodafone:

I’m using the My Vodafone app:

  1. Choose Settings from the tray

  2. Select Privacy

  3. Tap Marketing preferences

  4. Here you can modify your preferences

  5. Here you can also view our Privacy Portal

I logged into My Vodafone:

  1. Select Settings

  2. Tap Marketing preferences

  3. Here you can modify your preferences

  4. Here you can also view our Privacy Portal

Your My Vodafone app may need updating. Check on your app store to make sure you’re using the latest version, and that there aren’t any pending updates.

If your app is up to date and you are still seeing an error page, rest assured that we're working to get everyone access soon.

In the unlikely event there’s a technical issue with the app, we’ll be working hard to get it back up and running.

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