Connected Spaces

Enhance your spaces to prioritise employee safety and improve their experience.

Boost operational efficiency

Empower your business to act on insights and make informed, data-driven decisions by leveraging hardware, data analytics and connectivity alongside your current infrastructure.

Connected Spaces Vision

Video surveillance cameras are critical in helping keep people and places safe. However, businesses often face challenges such as:

  • Not enough cameras in the right places

  • Lack of bandwidth

  • Not enough employees to monitor video to see incidents as they happen

The video surveillance market has evolved and can help businesses find security and safety problems more quickly and accurately. Using actionable insights, businesses can be faster and more effective in their response to incidents.

Reliable alert-based video that works on mobile or fixed

Industries where Connected Spaces Vision can help

Transport & Logistics



Local Government


Deter (vs “Stop”) criminal damage to assets

Real-time situational/critical awareness

Safeguard employees by reducing potential accidents/fatalities

Control and reduce data consumption and storage costs

Increase awareness beyond wired infrastructure sites

View live streams and enable inspections/training/coaching opportunities

Deter trespassing, theft and graffiti

Deter fly-tipping and leverage easy retrieval and downloading of video footage

Enhance event security in local areas

Improve visibility into real-time traffic flows/motorways/railways

Customer FAQs

Our patented technology works on both fixed and mobile networks for a high-quality live stream video on our Best Network for Business.

The analytics in Connected Spaces Vision makes it accessible to anyone. It’s simple to set up and the design makes it easy to use. You’ll only receive alerts when it matters, on whatever device you select.

Connected Spaces Vision works seamlessly with existing IP cameras, if they’re ONVIF compliant, as well as those purchased off the shelf, whether they’re remote or fixed.

Connected Spaces Vision is a modular, cloud-based platform. This means you only pay for what you need, when you need it. 

There is a small upfront cost, with manageable monthly payments. This is compared to what would be a large cost on in-house servers, recording equipment and on-site IT teams. 

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