eSIM for Business customers

Answer your questions about out the what, how and why of eSIM.

What's an eSIM?

New eSIM technology—embedded in smartphones and tablets—is now available to Vodafone Business customers. An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a tiny chip installed in your device that connects to the mobile network, similar to a physical SIM.

  • It cannot be physically removed or replaced

  • During set up, an eSIM profile is loaded onto your device through an internet connection

  • The eSIM profile contains the same information previously stored on a physical SIM

  • Most devices are now dual SIM, having both an eSIM and a physical SIM, with more devices adopting it due to its convenience.

Why switch to eSIM?

Save time and effort 

No more plastic SIM cards required —more flexibility, less logistics 

Change easily

We’ll send your new eSIM straight to your inbox

They’re reusable

Change or upgrade your devices without a SIM swap

2 phones in 1

Keep your business and personal number on the same device 

What do I need to get an eSIM?

We will send you an email with an activation code (QR code). Just follow the instructions in the email to activate the eSIM and you’re all set.

eSIM compatibility

Check your device suitability below

An email address

Receive your eSIM in your inbox

Internet access

Connect your device using WiFi

Is your device eSIM compatible?

Find out if your device can operate with eSIM with our list of compatible devices.

Get started with eSIM

Financial flexibility

For security reasons, a SIM swap to eSIM can only be requested by the company’s authorised administrative contact. Swapping to an eSIM will stop the physical SIM from working.

Activate new eSIM numbers

Get in touch or talk to your account manager today to activate your new eSIM numbers. Remember to always check your devices are eSIM capable. Corporate Customers can use Vodafone Corporate Online.

Switch from eSIM to eSIM

Reuse the QR code to move a number from one eSIM device to another. No SIM swap required. Just delete the old eSIM profile and scan the QR code on the new device.


We need an email address for each eSIM, where we send the QR code. It can be sent either:

  • Directly to the eSIM user to activate, if individual emails are provided, or;

  • To a company admin email, if a centralised address is preferred. The email owner will distribute the eSIMs/QR codes within the organisation

The rest of the steps are simple, just follow the email instructions by connecting the device to the internet or WiFi first.

We will send you all the newly allocated numbers as they are needed in the activation process.

While smartwatches like the Apple Watch and others have an eSIM, they operate differently from phones and tablets, being designed as companion devices connected to a primary number/device.

Currently we are not supporting smartwatches connected to a business number for customers with more than 10 employees.

No, the eSIM connection is secured. The QR code will not work while the eSIM is active on another device. Once the eSIM is deleted from one device, the QR code can be reused to download the eSIM on another.

No, the QR code can be scanned on any eSIM device, provided it is unlocked. Devices from other operators must be unlocked first to activate the eSIM.

You should be able to identify the numbers using the 4 visible digits displayed in the activation email’s subject.

The same QR code can be used to download the eSIM on the device again.

Lost your QR code? Get your company’s authorised contact to call our customer services on 191, and they can resend it.

Corporate customers can use Vodafone Corporate Online to reclaim their QR codes.

Please call us to report the lost or stolen phone so we can block the Vodafone eSIM number; this will make the old QR code unusable. A SIM swap can then be requested through Swap your SIM – either to a physical SIM or another eSIM.

Other connections to different networks on the lost device (if they exist) will have to be reported to the respective providers.

They should always delete the eSIM profile first before returning the device to be repaired. For help on how to do this, please read the relevant device guide

There are two options to use the number while waiting for the device to be fixed:

  • Move the eSIM onto another eSIM device by reusing the QR code; or

  • If the device is unusable and profile cannot be deleted, request a SIM swap to a physical SIM or another eSIM through Swap your SIM

Yes, we can port in numbers from other networks on eSIM.

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