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Keep your fleet competitive and cost-effective

From construction to couriers, fleet managers across every sector can often be under pressure to reduce costs, boost productivity and increase efficiency. This can be a real challenge when juggling issues such as fuel prices, poor infrastructure, and driver shortages.

We understand that managing a competitive fleet means looking to ensure timely deliveries, cost savings and effective reporting. Fleet Analytics can help you to achieve this by giving you information to better understand your business and keep drivers and operations moving.

Two service packages to supercharge your business

  Base Pro

Real time information

Detailed trip reports

Maintenence reminders


Fleet manager

Advanced Diagnostics

Battery Health Assesment

Real-time collision detection

Why Vodafone

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Over 45 years' experience in vehicle security and telematics

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Vodafone Automotive services are trusted by 35 global vehicle manufacturers

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End-to-end managed service built to turn data into real business value

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Ability to manage both Internal Combustion Engine (ICEs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) in one platform

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